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  1. Very nice, I like that Alpina as well.
  2. Why does it say on some of their watches, 'Swiss movement' rather than 'Swiss made'?
  3. It won't be listed tomorrow either! :D I hate this forum.
  4. Blimey, didn't expect so much feedback - thanks very much guy's! :yes: I've a lot of saved stuff to wade through.
  5. Thanks. Found Toshi, but not Pavel. I know I can pm him, but does he have a website, or is it just on ebay?
  6. Where do you get yours from? Apart from ebay, where exactly do all these nice straps I keep seeing and hearing about come from? The last strap I bought came from, ahem, Hinds. I'd like to do better. Thanks.
  7. In a spare bedroom at the mo! Nothing on the walls as I'm getting ready to relocate if all goes to plan! Some might end up at auction. :(
  8. Art for me. Can't say I 'collect' as such, but I do have a small collection of paintings, limited edition prints and ceramics from a variety of artists associated with the 'St. Ives Modernists' (a not very accurate collective term that is widely used) and contemporary artists associated with the far west of Cornwall. I love going down there and soaking up the atmosphere and checking out the galleries.
  9. This won't go down well, but the fact a post will unnecessarily quote the whole of a previous post, rather than just the relevant part, then this new post gets included in the quote of the following post, so each post just gets longer and longer and then it ends with a two or three word reply! Also a real pain when photo's are included and you see page after page of the same photo's. All that's needed is a quick and easy edit! :yes:
  10. I've been looking at that - with the green dial. Can't work out where to get one and the RRP puts me off too! Alpina don't sell direct to the UK and the few stockists as identified on the Co. website, don't have what I want. Great looking watch!
  11. I can't help with your request, but I find all your posts interesting. Keep them coming!
  12. I thought it was just me! :sweatdrop:
  13. Well, they have it, but they're more expensive again! It's nothing special, but I like it - it's the Hamilton Khaki field automatic with a textile strap. Easy to pick up from the US, but I thought I'd try from the UK first.
  14. Thanks for that feedback. Unfortunately, what I'm after doesn't appear to be widely available in the UK. I noticed it wasn't in stock, but they give a delivery time of 2-4 weeks. The only other website I have found it on is jurawatches and they charge an extra £100!
  15. This for me today - it's not as if I have a lot of choice! Sorry for photo quality.
  16. I'm thinking of using them for my 1st ever on-line purchase and I'm a bit nervous, so I was wondering if anyone here has used them? They do get a good 'trust' rating, but I thought I'd check here for any 'local knowledge', so to speak. PrecisionTime dot co dot uk Many thanks for any help!
  17. I'm okay with the skeleton on the back, but certainly not instead of, even partially, a dial. I just think it makes a dial look untidy and inelegant. My big no-no is digital, hated them from the day they came out (but used them when I was a footie ref, so they do have their uses).
  18. Thanks for thee feedback Kutusov, I'll have a search for the other thread.
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