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  1. Christopher Ward, Bremont? Other British 'boutique' brands? Oris, Mido, Rado?
  2. I appreciate this has probably been done before, but as time moves on and all that, thought I'd check the latest situation. Today, I was meant to be heading into town to have a good look around the specialists shops, something I've never done before, apart from at Harrods when showing people around. But I forgot it was cup final day and being a traditionalist (though not an Arsenal or Hull fan), I like to chill out and enjoy the moment, so the trip is delayed by a week. Starting location from Paddington by tube is Knightsbridge, and apart from Harrods, I've got Knightsbridge watches and Watches of Switzerland on my list. Then stroll up to South Audley Street and the Bremont 'boutique' before heading on to the northern part of New Bond Street and Selfridges, before finally heading to the Southern End, Burlington Arcade, Regent Street area. Obviously, there's loads of stores here and I have Omega, Chopard, Jaeger Lecoultre, David Duggan, Wempe and many others on my list. The only issue is that I also want to visit Austin Kaye at the Strand which is a little further away. But I'll fit that in somehow. Maybe I should go up Friday and stay overnight? :( Do you guy's have any particular recommendations or places to avoid? Cheers all! Edit - sorry, should add, the main reason for the visit is to look at watches that otherwise I'd only read about. I won't be able to afford them! Particularly keen on seeing the new Patek Phillipe Nautilus. Although I do have a small budget and an open mind!
  3. Ah, the U1, I love that watch! But later today it'll be my new arrival, the Armida A8 and I got the last one! (plastic film still on watch)
  4. Some really helpful stuff here - thanks. With the exception of Bremont (so far, hence no purchase), I've been able to secure discounts on new watches, so I did kind of assume it would be the same for 2nd hand. But now understand the profit margin issue. The other reason for visiting today was because I've not seen the watch in the flesh and for the amount of money involved that's an absolute must. I'll go to the London dealer that also has the watch and see what they say, but won't buy, as I like the idea of using a WTB ad. Hadn't thought of that!
  5. This is probably the sort of question that merit's a 'how long's a piece of string' response, but anyway....... As I have never (yet) bought a pre-owned watch from a dealer (or anywhere), I just wondered if there is a general rule of thumb that the stated price is open for negotiation, or whether it is what it is and that's that? I looked at a very nice Rolex today which I'd previously spotted on-line. I personally think it may be slightly overpriced, but that's based on it being only £20 less than the same watch on sale at an established pre-owned dealer in central London. However, the watch I viewed and secretly lusted over, that fitted like the most sensual, perfect glove, is in absolute mint condition! :) Now, I'm planning a trip to the city of my birth on Saturday, just to have a good mosey around the various watch outlets there, something I've never done, and as mentioned above, I'll get to check out the same Rolex. Today, I got a flat refusal when I asked if the price was negotiable, which did surprise me a little, although I think they've only had the watch for a couple of weeks, possibly? Hence the reason for my question - is that the norm, or could I normally expect something to be offered, or will their stance change if it's still unsold in another week or so? Some advice would be welcome, especially if something else catches my eye on Saturday! Many thanks.
  6. They all look like they've been handcuffed! :D
  7. Ah, Ben Sherman eh? Brings back memories of the early 70's - Used to be a badge of honour to have one of their shirts, along with a Harrington, sta-prest strides and fringe and buckle loafers - not to mention monkey boots! I think the love affair with that lot lasted less than a year, but the 'Oxford shirt' remained with me. I'd never thought about Ben-Shermans history, they were just there, so a really interesting read. Brutus was another popular make from that time, I've just checked and they're still around as well. Sorry, but I never knew Ben Sherman made watches.
  8. Yes, it made me very wary and the first time I tried to access the forum and got redirected I jumped out as quick as I could. But as I constantly saw links to here, some seemingly recent (at the time), I thought there must be something behind the redirect. Had another go and made it here. I still curse if when looking for something, I see a link to here and forgetting, click on it before realising my mistake. It must put people off.
  9. A really interesting article, AW! I have looked at this company for a while and I wish them well. But I will have to disagree with you about the DLC signalman. I think it's a wonderful piece of innovative design - a thing of beauty. I'd love to have one. Unfortunately, I don't feel the same about the Blacklamp, in particular I dislike the case and the hands seem wrong. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next and whether they will produce more of the DLC Signalman?
  10. What a great story - well done! How about sending her a link to this thread? (But warn her about the possible problems at 1st attempt).
  11. Brands going down a storm on the Christopher Ward forum! I think they make some really nice looking watches.
  12. Out in the garden shortly, so this today, or at least until I've had enough of doing the garden!
  13. I think that's right. When I was up in Edinburgh a week or so ago, I was surprised that Neither Fraser Hart or Ernest Jones, which basically face each other, sold Omega, as both are authorised AD's, although it was nice to see Zenith, Ball, Bell and Ross and other's. Surprised that is, until I went around the corner to Laing's, who have two separate shops a few shop's apart. In one, all the watches are upstairs and its a little piece of watch heaven up there, with some premium brands, but the other store has essentially become an Omega boutique, with two thirds of the store dedicated to the brand, the other 3rd being split between Chopard (very nice) and Longines. And I guess that FH & EJ just can't compete with that, coupled with the fact that Hamilton and Inches (swoon) is nearby as well and also sells Omega. Likewise in Kingston, in Surrey, there are two Ernest Jones and a large Fraser Hart. One Ernest Jones has a good range of watches, including premium brands, but the other store is essentially a 'boutique' for Omega and Breitling - turn right as you enter and you have Omega, on the left is Breitling.
  14. Apology to JBW, I have a seamaster PO and they are not sword hands! I'm not actually sure what they're called? Roger - I wish you hadn't posted the photo's of your seamaster (envious sigh)! Forgot Monday was a BH (you do when retired), will pop into Reading on Tuesday and see what I can find, it's not bad for watches and also to have another look at the Bremont.
  15. That's okay. It had never entered my head until I read that article and was just curious. I have a small 'collection' of art as well, all stuff I like and bought for that reason, although as two of the artists have since died, I've basically doubled my money on a few pieces, as well as two works I bought direct from another artist, as his worth has increased significantly. But for the 1st time last year, I did buy a print of a contemporary artist, from a limited run of 15, which as much as I like it, was simply because it was so cheap! I paid £400 and I know I could easily get at least £600 for it now. I've seen it in a gallery for £950. Small beer, but still a profit!
  16. The problem with the particular Seamaster I like, is that it's generally not in the shops now, as they've stopped making them. so I've been looking on-line. But I will nip into Reading on Monday to see if WOS have one. But I wouldn't get the Bremont from their dealer there - no discount. But I have been given a number to call.....
  17. Thanks for all the replies. It's the colour and design I really like. I looked at a pilot chrono in the same blue, but found it too 'busy'. Brilliant! Great story - wasn't the same guy who think's he's Elvis, was it? :D But are there still so many around, especially in good nick?
  18. Thanks for the replies. Interestingly, I was looking earlier at The Watch Club website and they have a platinum Patek Philippe on there for £42k, which they are basically flogging as an investment, as apparently the watch - which is gorgeous - will only be made (shudder!) in stainless steel from now on - they actually claim they expect prices will rise steeply in the next few years as a consequence! So I guess there is money to be made, but you need a hefty wedge to start with, or at least an excellent knowledge of higher end watches and can follow trends and / or auctions! Sounds a good job to me.
  19. Very interesting. I'd never heard of the comex, but google is your friend! Clearly a great find - congratulations. :thumbup:
  20. From their website: Modified calibre 13 1/4†BE-36AE automatic chronometer, 25 jewels, glucydur balance. Anachron balance spring, Nivaflex 1 mainspring, 28,800 bph, 38 hour power reserve, Bremont moulded and skeletonised decorated rotor. Most of which means nothing to me - sadly. JBW - I've already got a seamaster, black dial with sword hands!
  21. So, you have a spare £20k to £30k lying around (as you do) and there's not much available in the markets by way of an attractive investment, so you think, 'what about a watch'? Perhaps a Patek Philippe, or something of that ilk, could you grab something now that might provide a worthwhile return in a few years time? Not for wearing, but purely as a way of making money. I ask, because I was given a copy of QP magazine recently, which I wasn't previously aware of or the fact it's 'devoted to watches'. But inside they had an article about recent auctions, including a '2nd tier' auction at Bonhams, where the top watches were achieving up to three times their estimated price. So what say you - worth a punt with the right watch? And what would that be in the above price range?
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