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  1. Right, no pics, but I have now ruled out buying this watch. The blue dial is stunning and I tried it with both the bracelet and leather strap. Even the squeezed in date window is not intrusive in any way. I had already commented above on the height of this watch, which is very high, including the lugs - and they were the negative deciding factor. The height I can live with, but not their length. The case size is 42mm. My sweet spot is 42-43mm and usually I am confident of a perfect fit at that size, but not with the spirit chrono. I have a 7.25 inch wrist. The lugs went to the very
  2. I think there is a huge range of watches offering something different. Whether from the cheap seats, the rattle yer jewellery seats, or somewhere in between! Seven Friday have been mentioned, though not for me, but what about Deitrich? Sadly, also not for me. Take a look at the CW Apex watches. Then there is Ulysee Nardin, who do something different at various price points. Some of the new Carl F Bucherer divers are great and a little different. Hoping to see some this week. The Montblanc Geosphere range is being heavily discounted over here and it's a great design. But I guess its when y
  3. Looks great! Bremont do blue dials so very well. I have the U2 blue and the play of light on the dial is always a source of pleasure.
  4. Not sure if your taking the p or not!
  5. Shhhh! But at the price point... She just told me that she has ordered two handbags from England, as a treat to herself for all the hard work she has been doing, so I have some armoury! I like that!
  6. At a cost of approx. 267 quid, I thought, why not? I have been on the lookout for a yellow dial that appeals to me for some time and this one certainly does. And as it comes with a hardened titanium case and bracelet, which will be a first for me, a spare rubber strap and free shipping to Thailand, I thought to myself, just treat yourself! Other dial colours are white, gray and navy. The latter being very tempting. Delivery scheduled for May/June 21. Further details here: https://www.rzewatches.com/collections/endeavour-collection/products/endeavour-medallion-yellow
  7. Two of my favourites are missing - Bremont & Schofield - and I can think of a few more.
  8. I watched it with interest. Is there a full list of UK Watch manufacturers that are members available? They scrolled through what I assumed was the website to show some, but clearly not all and mentioned there could still be other, perhaps small brands out there. But that's what most of the British industry is - small and niche. I spotted Pinion, Garrick and Wessex amongst others, two of whom are in effect one man bands. But all are niche. I liked the idea of a possible future pooling of resources to manufacture cases for example, which was mentioned. Maybe they can lure CW away from the
  9. I'm not so sure. But happy to be corrected. I'm a long time out of the game. That's revenues data and if needing to check a random NiNo on a watch being imported, I doubt they could just press a button and have instant access to that data. I know how difficult it was when the computerised system was first developed and then introduced in about 1990. Where I worked was okay, we could literally press a button and had unrestricted access to various security levels, although all our actions were automatically recorded. Bit over the years, controls got tougher and tougher.
  10. It also raises the question of whether customs have access to the system that manages NiNo's, which I very much doubt, so it's a pointless exercise in any case. Worth remembering that your NiNo is a lifelong identifier and a defacto 'identity card', that your whole life history is recorded against. From when first issued, all the addresses you have ever lived at, who you have worked for, tax paid, benefits claimed and so on, until the day you die.
  11. They're no longer produced but pop up from time to time on the sales forum. Our esteemed leader and owner of the forum made them.
  12. This is a brand new release from Bremont as part of their relationship with English Rugby - a new dive watch - lol! But it is stunning - and blue.
  13. Most of mine aren't black and white! 3 green & 1 blue
  14. It's up and down with me. Sometimes she will actually help me secure a bigger discount than already offered by the stores here (she always succeeds), but other times when I'm in Bangkok, the last thing she will say before leaving for work is 'don't buy any more watches!' But some she never notices. When I got my recent CW I initially wore it all the time and she never noticed at all! So I never mentioned it either - lol! Other days she will say of another watch, 'I haven't seen that before' even with old watches! But she did buy me a new watch box when I needed one and she buy's watches hersel
  15. I'm an art lover, I'm a lover of colour, a watch is a small surface, some sort of order is needed. but I always get the impression with Farer that someone raids the spare parts bin and says, 'we've got a blue seconds hands here, any good' and the reply is, 'yeah, that'll do' and that's how they colour their watches!
  16. I love colour. I love coloured dials. I just don't like the mix and match approach taken by Farer. Always at least one colour too many for me.
  17. As an aside, my 22 consist of: 9 from Asia 7 Swiss made 3 British 2 British / Swiss 1 from NZ
  18. I'll play. 1 Aerowatch 1 Ancon 1 Armida 2 Bremont + 1 for the missus 1 Boldr 1 Chopard 2 Chris Ward 1 Magrette I Mido 3 Omega + 1 for the missus 1 RLT 1 Scuro 4 Seiko 1 Victorianox 1 Wise (Thai brand) That makes 22. I thought I had more.
  19. Enjoy your new watch - I have one as well, in Green.
  20. I assume the 55 quid is used to pay for admin and fund the events. As you say, a difficult time to launch such a project, but 55 pounds does seem a bit steep. Is membership open to everyone, companies and enthusiasts alike, or does some criteria have to be met? For companies, I assume that means being British, at least in some way. After all, CW / Mike France are happy to call themselves what they factually are, an Anglo-Swiss Company.
  21. I looked closely at this and it's really very nice, but I really have other ideas for a chrono and I just fell for the all blue Compressor which I've had for over a month now. Picking it up in the pre-Christmas sale. It was my first CW for 5 years. I'll get around to writing a review some day! I went to their office showroom back in January 2014! Yours is a great looking watch though, I'm sure you'll enjoy it very much.
  22. Brass Boldr for the last few days. Rubbish pic, but you get the idea. Bought the strap from Boldr as well, which was really good value and replaced the nato it came on, which was awful. Great lume on this watch, which has a sandwich dial. You can probably tell it has a domed crystal. The original was vinyl but that went after the first scratch!
  23. Well, that was all very interesting and certainly meets the criteria for 'and now for something completely different'. Not sure how I feel about them really. Interested in what they are doing and the results, without a doubt. Certainly a niche and a good one too, I think.
  24. Welcome. Your first names not Roger, is it?
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