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  1. I really like the blue ss no logo pilots watch @ 42mm. Especially with the light brown strap. A new 'save' in my watch brands (ROW) folder!
  2. I had them fitted about 20 years ago. Saw them used in hotels in Asia and Oz and thought they were brilliant. When I decided at add a stand alone shower to my then newly bought house, I found a plumbers supplier that stocked them and when I moved on 10 years later, they were still in place. Everyone commented on them.
  3. Very good review Honour. I think they look great.. Mido used Rose gold PVD in one of their Ocean Star models last year, along with the 80 hour movement, so it looks like Swatch have decided to 'share the love'! Interesting about size. The new release of the Captain Cook originally saw two sizes available. 38mm,which was far too small for me and 45mm, which due to the design of the watch, felt like I was wearing a dinner plate! The 42mm later introduced was spot on. 43mm is also my sweet spot. I particularly like the blue bezel version. I will look at the review another time. Gone 11pm here and footy on the telly!
  4. Just waiting to see what direction they will be heading in now. Many of their new releases, bar the C60/65's, are almost one offs, like the compressor, which I have - really need to know where they all fit in and the only really recognised line, the aforementioned C60 & 65, is due an update.
  5. Thanks for posting this, I hope they are in stock in Bangkok when I am there in about ten days, mind you, I'm there for a fortnight. I really liked last years offerings and pretty much tried them all on. All well made, well fitted, easy wear watches, I just wish they would colour code the date and day windows.
  6. This, from Armin Strom. It might be a long wait! In a resonance watch, two balance wheels (oscillators) must regulate each other's oscillation frequency so as to render the watch immune to the disruptions caused by the unpredictable motion of the human wrist. In a sense, it is the only true "wrist" watch. The historical challenge was to consistently maintain the resonance state - and to thereby maximize its chronometric benefit. Easier said than done, as no resonance watch had been capable of that. Until now.
  7. I have the CW C60 Vintage on the original leather strap it came on, from back in 2015. As a consequence, it's the only diver I have that hasn't been in the water. But it goes so well with the watch.
  8. For me, their designs aren't quite there yet. I like these new models, but I know they wouldn't hold my interest if I bought one. The choice of straps are great though. Of the smaller British brands out there, they are behind Schofield in my personal pecking order. Just waiting for the one that sells itself to me.
  9. Here's mine that are still available: I don't own this one, but I do really like it.
  10. I think this is their justification. The 38mm cushion-shaped platinum case is the major investment, because it is handmade by award-winning Goldsmith Justin Richardson in Canterbury and takes 100 hours of work, according to Mr Bowman-Scargill, who visited WatchPro this week to show the watch. The case has a special hallmark from the London Assay Office using the initials Mr Bowman-Scargill’s initials, NBS.
  11. Watchpro describes it as showing courage, what do you think? A small independent based in Bristol that was revived from the ashes 5 years ago, they will make maybe 4 of the 28k watch and already have one pre-order. The model is the Brunswick platinum, which looks the same as other Brunswicks. They make approx. 500 watches a year. The cost is all to do with the case. It has a basic ETA movement with some modification. I could live with all of that, as long as it looked a bit special.... Watchpro article here: Fears shows the courage to create a £28,000 platinum Brunswick watch (watchpro.com)
  12. My neighbour got this from Singapore the other day, but maroon, not red. Check out the depth rating. Solid chunk of kit, good bracelet and really well put together. He ordered via Creation watches.
  13. Apart from looking East, Tissot have this rather nice 40mm example. https://www.jomashop.com/tissot-watch-t120-417-37-051-01.html?&gclid=CjwKCAjw6fCCBhBNEiwAem5SOycYI3ET6gqgryZpudUSyDUJnGISXcc_t_AUxADHIEllxEkZDDCaUBoCzlYQAvD_BwE
  14. It's very nice, but it comes as something of a shock to learn estate cars still exist! Living over here, you just don't see them. Under duress, I have been looking at new cars and considering the MG HS, Mitsubishi Xpander Cross, plus another smaller SUV that is so new here, I haven't got the details yet, but the garages first one arrived 2 weeks ago. The Toyota Corolla Cross, which seem hard to find, the Mazda CX5 (pricey) and have already eliminated their CX30 - looks good, but the rear is very cramped and the boot is too small.
  15. That's the 2nd version of the logo, not the original!
  16. There seems to be a new British brand appearing almost weekly at the moment and nearly all offer 'Swiss Quality' watches. Problem is CW got there and did that years ago. It's just not a selling point anymore, well not to me in any case. The design is pretty nondescript and as George Daniels once said to Roger Smith, I think you need to start again.
  17. And here is the film of the launch. Basically the two brothers introducing the building and various new watches. It's a pretty impressive achievement. Well worth watching. 35 minutes long.
  18. Design of the auto and strap is nice for me, but am I right in thinking that from new, you have to buy a watch case and strap separately? If yes, that came to a combined cost of 665. It's usual for the strap to be inclusive. It's all a bit much with subsequent straps costing 150.
  19. I still have the original strap & pin buckle, but they are not on the watch. I bought the titanium and ceramic deployant clasp with the strap from a DSOTM Pitch Black (which is anything but), after that one came out.
  20. I have the ceramic case forerunner of all Omega's recent ceramic offerings, being The Dark Side of the Moon, which is now just two months shy of 7 years old. Still looks the same as the day I bought it. It's been dropped, bashed, knocked against God knows what, as watches do and just brushes everything off. I deliberately wear it as a travel watch when flying or whatever, as its scratch proof.
  21. I certainly prefer the last couple of offerings to these models. I read the other day that Watches of Switzerland will be stocking them, so the ambition to take them back into the main stream is certainly working. But at the price point they are now at, I think they need to offer more.
  22. There is to be a virtual opening of Bremonts new 'Manufacturing & Technology Centre', otherwise known as 'The Wing' on Tuesday 23rd March @ 13.00 GMT. I'll be there - anyone else fancy following this? Details of email received from Bremont: 'As our business takes flight we hope you can join us for this wonderful and historic moment in British watchmaking. Bremont has been on an unwavering 19 year quest to manufacture watches in the UK. Next week, on Tuesday 23rd March, we make a considerable leap towards that dream. Manufacturing on this scale has not been seen in the UK since the 60s.As well as showcasing our state-of-the-art 35,000 sq ft new facility, we will be launching 3 new timepieces into the Bremont collection and announcing an exciting new global partnership.Come and join us in this new chapter of the Bremont story and herald in a new era of British watchmaking'.
  23. Greetings Nigel, one with all the right bits in the right places will cost circa 20k.
  24. In one of the main Malls here, for a short time, Rolex and Tudor were sold in the same Rolex boutique. Then Tudor were literally shunted upstairs to their own shop, which quickly went by the by. As far as I am aware, there are three Rolex / Tudor dealers in Bangkok. What is interesting is that one of the dealers, in one store, in a different Mall to the one mentioned above, has sub-divided the store into three - You can walk through to each section. Left to right, they sell Tudor, then Hublot, then Rolex. The only one not selling sports watches is Rolex. 50 yards away, in a sister store across the road and skytrain, (the two stores are connected at skytrain level) is a Rolex boutique. One of the conundrums here, for me at least, is this constant proximity of Rolex dealer and boutique. I'm sure it must make good business sense and of course, I have no idea who runs the boutiques. Omega on the other hand, can only be bought via their own managed boutiques in Thailand, all in Bangkok and there are only three of them, although in a seeming change of business practice, a well established watch store called Cortina Watches, has just opened an Omega boutique, the first such 'franchise' here.
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