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  1. My Newly repaired and serviced PO today. My retirement gift to my myself 7 years ago now.
  2. It is and it's a very imposing watch. I haven't got one, but a while back my new neighbour came over to introduce himself. I couldn't help but notice the blue pelagos when he was about 10 yards away. It's a big watch. Great ice breaker!
  3. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy being here. Pics are always welcome of new members watches1
  4. These two because they are quartz. If I knew Victorinox were going to eventually bring out an auto inox, I would have waited. At least by buying one of the very early releases, I got the extra NATO strap and mini swiss army knife that were a limited release. It's back on the original rubber strap now and is never worn. The Wise is the only bona-fide Thai watch brand and in this model uses a Citizen movement. Just don't like it, but living here, thought I should have one. They have moved on to auto's now. This bronze that I bought pre-owned. I like the dial, but don't like the tw
  5. I have had this on for the past couple of day's and enjoying it very much - Magrette Dual Time from New Zealnad, with a sandwich dial, two crowns, internal bezel and fantastic lume. Old pic.
  6. It was all about the mood, not the quality of the pic. DSOTM from near purchase date in June 2014.
  7. You beat me to posting about this watch! Longines is a an excellent brand and great VFM. The Longines AD's in Bangkok are literally still getting them on display. The three handers are all up and the blue dial looks great. But the only chrono I have been able to try is the black dial with thr brown strap. And now I have, I was seriously impressed. Quite taken with that model actually, but will wait to try the others. 42mm case was a perfect fit, the dial is well designed and hit all the right spots for me. What came as a shock, was the depth. If I recall correctly, it's 16.3mm
  8. Not at the moment for the Bremont. Jura's sale and others have very good sale prices for selected Bremonts and others.
  9. A few months ago now, my near 7 year old PO hit a problem. The hour hand would not pass 9 o'clock. It did when adjusting the time or date, but not in normal wear. Being a special retirement present to myself, it means a lot to me, so it needed repairing. This is the watch in happier times: As it was well past its warranty and had never been serviced, I tried a local company in Bkk that have been good for me in the past. But after assessing the watch, they came back with a quote of 14,000 Thai baht. For that, I got a full repair, service and a year's warranty. At todays exchange rate,
  10. Old pic, new watch - well, recently repaired and renovated PO.
  11. Its not a question of using a few google clicks to find what has been going on. It's the fact the company clearly set out to hide their true origins. You shouldn't have to follow a trail of deceit. Not just in company records and ownership, but also in the booklets I saw in Bangkok that made no reference to who or what the company were, or their origins. It would be interesting to hear from recent buyers whether they are now more up front about their 'parentage'. Schofield have brought out a new watch. Here's what they have to say about it's origin and assembly, which is pretty clear:
  12. Sadly Honour, they are not British based, as @polyfun points out above. They only have an accountants here, that's it. You're right in everything else, but they could at least be honest in their marketing and openly state they are a Chinese company, which they went to great lengths to disguise.
  13. Sadly Honour, it's not a British brand. When I researched it some time ago, it's only presence in the UK was an accountants office in Andover, if I remember correctly. One of the Directors is bassed in Hong Kong and the parent company is in China.
  14. How did I miss this first time around. Great read Honour and superbly complimented by the subsequent posts and accompanying photos!
  15. Until they introduce their own movements, their models are all modified versions of others. That's not really anything new. It's been a little while since they were able to qualify for COSC, not being Swiss made. So they are ISO chronometer rated instead. But I agree with your point about what is the base movement used. I found that frustrating as well, I wanted to see it jump back and was annoyed they didn't show it.
  16. Considering how much everyone enjoys a new Bremont LE, I'm surprised this hasn't already registered here! Anyway, this one's a stunner, in my opinion. Here's an introduction (well worth a look): Yesterday, I followed a live interactive video presentation by the English Brothers for SE Asia (they have a boutique in HK). It was very well presented and very interesting. Stephen Hawking's daughter joined in on the text banter and his son was interviewed on film. Brian Cox eulogised about Hawking and his legacy and it's clear the brothers have personal emotive involvement with
  17. I think it's awful. LE Collaboration with Worn & Wound, order via the US only, all watches shipped from Maidenhead. Getting very mixed reviews on the CW website, where I have just come from, a few references to CW heritage / brand identity, which has been an interesting discussion, with so many new watches being thrown out all a bit 'pick & mix' - it really started from a thread Steve made and I am sure he could add more, should he choose to!
  18. Mr. Williams is quite something, isn't he. So humble, brimming with humility and sure has a story to tell, that he told so well. Really enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.
  19. That Blancpain is just drop dead gorgeous! If all works out well and I sell my house in 2.5 years when my state pension kicks in, then that has to be on the cards. IgerSwis talked of the fun of the chase. I am already compiling a list for the 'one'!
  20. Mr Ward today. Nearly 5 years old now. Pic taken at Noosa main beach, Hastings St. Nooosa, Queensland on 31.12.15. Watch still looks the same.
  21. They always have sales. Always. Always have had and always will. Unless desperate, don't pay the full price. 5 years ago the watch I was hoping they would make, actually was. I thought the price OTT, even then. Within a month or so, a Christmas sale was announced (quelle surprise), 25% off the whole range of watches + free international shipping. That did me nicely. I still have the watch. It cost me 374 pounds. Thai duty was equal to 3 UK pence.
  22. Looks like somethings about to hit Mike France in that pic!
  23. I think it's a really nice watch. This is where Page & Cooper are missed. They sold this brand and had numerous other small brands that were otherwise hard to come across. After checking the videos for all 4 watches, I think the green is my favourite, followed by maroon (poor mans burgundy ). The case back is nicer than on the blue and black as well. Quite tempted actually. But so many nice watches out there, although I haven't a square(ish) watch. To import into Thailand @ 5% duty +7% VAT, would add 40 pounds to the cost, so based on todays exxchange rate, the total cost
  24. Apart the shade of blue used on one dial. I actually dislike these. Farer seem to have set a quiz for themselves - how many 'piloty' and other watch themes can they add to three watches! The colour of the hour and minute hands on the blue dial seems an aberration to me - and looks even worse on the white dial!
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