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  1. There's certainly a lot of noise about them on the online watch magazines and I think the green dialed independence right up my street - solid and chunky - just like me - lol! But the price, oh dear. When I looked at retailers to see if they were available in this neck of the woods, the answer was not unexpectedly no. But they seem to have outlets all over Japan, so not sure what the story is there?
  2. I have seen loads and it is definitely a marmite feature. It doesn't work for me at all. They should have incorporated it better into the dial, in a similar way to the presage, following some of the markers. But others will love it.
  3. Wearing red as I visited a Chinese temple earlier, so wouldn't look out of place. The temple was fantastic, newly built, stunning buildings, statues and carvings and so colourful, but so was my watch! I am relieved to say the marks on the bezel at 55 were just fluff and stuff.
  4. Uniforms! Especially Thai ones.
  5. Sad to see what is in effect a fake / copy.
  6. I'd like to have a regulator watch, but this isn't it!
  7. I still have the Trident Vintage that I bought in December 2015 and it's still going strong now. It's in excellent condition. Their newest very nice, but very generic looking Trident, with 2 sub-dials is on the market for 1800 pounds. If anyone is interested, wait until they are discounted, which will be soon. I don't like the new logo, don't much like Mike France (never met him, but his public persona leave me a bit cold), not a great fan of many of their latest offerings and since the new inward investment arrived and Mr. Ward himself left the company, feel that the soul of t
  8. I wouldn't worry about it Nigel, I'm the same with threads about cars.
  9. Great purchase! I have the A7 in brass, 6 years old now I think. The brass is a nice honey colour. You and your eggs have created a greater patina in one day than mine has after all these years!! But brass doesn't seem to go the same was as bronze (I have a Boldr brass watch as well).
  10. Yes. In the sense I have looked at and liked many of their new offerings. Bit of a mystery to me why they aren't represented in either Thailand or Singapore. There are lots of great watches out there, but as for Doxa, I just haven't had any personal interface with them (that I can recall? But somewhere in the back of my mind.....).
  11. @scottswatches @sabailand Thanks guys, I will let you know how I get on.
  12. Well, sadly, a minor mishap, turning my ankle slightly on the leg that was operated on, has put paid to any more watch browsing right now and courtesy of Pam the chauffeur, I will finally return to Hua Hin on Thursday - for the first time since going into hospital on 13th July. But pleased with what I have seen so far and there isn't anything that is going to disappear if I don't buy it now. I was also reminded in the Schofield weekly newsletter, that they will have a new watch available soon and if I recall correctly, the idea is to keep the price below 2k. I hope so. So that's one to l
  13. Got to say thanks to the OP. If it hadn't been for this thread, I don't think I would ever have taken at good look at Cartier's offerings. I am genuinely surprised at how much I like some of them and in particular, their entry level prices that put some other brands to shame. And I have a favourite. Plenty of Cartier outlets to view at in Bangkok as well, but bizarrely, their website claims there are none. Very strange. Anyway, I particularly like the blue dialed Ronde Sole De Cartier @42mm with the blue dial. Very nice.
  14. I really enjoyed Brian Sewells cutting art reviews, much more so than this watch.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I can understand that, as I am aware that an 'all markers' diver has been an issue for me in the past - see my first pic - the seiko I moved on. But what also put me off, is that it's only advertised on the certina website as being sold with a nato, whereas the black dialled version of the watch is available with leather straps or a bracelet. I read on a review of the watch, that the blue version is sold likewise, but they're certainly not advertising the fact! Being honest, I was expecting you to say the greeny diver with the rose gold PVD case!
  16. Thanks. Out of curiosity, which one? I always like to know why we like different things.
  17. It was interesting reading the thread about entry level Swiss and top end watch prices and sales and they mentioned the increase in price of over 1000 pounds for the new Tag Carrera. When I was looking online and noticed the price, having not looked at Tag for a long time, I have to say it took me aback and I wondered when they had moved into Omega territory - and now I know!
  18. Dull or crazy and the Breitling is somewhere in-between, so that's my choice.
  19. Long thread. Lots of pics. I'm in the mood to treat myself to another watch. But apart from the obvious issue of what I really do want v what I can really afford, another problem is the watches I fancy that aren't available to buy in Thailand. In the past, I have had reasonable success with buying on-line. Initially in the UK, where I bought from within the UK and from Switzerland without any problems and then when I was in Thailand. The first was a cheap Seiko 5 from Singapore - this one in fact (I have no idea of the reference No.): This should have been an absolute banker for
  20. If you keep compromising it won't end up being your watch! Yellow seconds hand for me. But we'll all have differing preferences. I don't really have a view about the diamond. Both are fine for me. Put it this way, it wouldn't be a deal breaker.
  21. Longines by a Country mile from the brands you have mentioned. Make sure you get the new hydroconquest that has improvements over the earlier versions, particularly the ceramic bezel and refined dial. The blue version is great.
  22. Missed this first time around. It's a very nice design. Considering......
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