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  1. Can't comment for the other brands, but the UN diver is very unrepresentative of their divers range. It's merely the newest linked to their 'x' range. https://www.ulysse-nardin.com/row_en/watches/diver-collection My favourite is this: But I voted Breitling merely because it seemed the least worst. I like some of the newer Doxa divers but find the model shown a bit confusing and the dial feels too small. The Ming is more of a fashion watch, the GS is pretty nondescript, the UN is daft and the last one confuses me, which isn't difficult.
  2. I don't really care for any of them either. Not really a fan of Parmigiani, but for me, it's the best of a poor bunch.
  3. I couldn't live with the Shinola as for me, the movement is too small, affecting the balance of the dial. So in that respect, I'd stick with the Citizen.
  4. The Armin Strom is actually their new entry level watch. My grail watch of theirs's is at the other end of the scale. When I first saw the watch face, I was puzzled about what was opposite the actual dial. I'd certainly like to see it in the flesh, as at the top is the mini rotor that powers the watch and I'm curious about how I would get on with that being on the watch face in reality. MB&F do lots of collaborations with other companies, but the one with Moser has to be one of the oddest. I'm not a fan of the latter - unlike most - so that put's me off a bit. I will go with Armi
  5. This has been in my 'watches I desire' folder for as long as I can remember. Definitely a masterclass of simplicity that works so well.
  6. GP for me. But with a blue dial. Wonderful on the wrist and definitely desirable.
  7. Not exactly my favourite MB&F and it looks stupidly clumsy on the wrist from the pics I have seen, but it would still be my choice. It would just be fun to leave it on the bedside table and gawp at it and admire the workmanship.
  8. I had a good look at the revived range on the Gnomon website yesterday and I thought they looked pretty good. I very nearly committed to an original at a watch fair some time ago. If I had been alone I probably would have walked away with one - lol! The feedback above is very helpful as they have been my preferred 24 hour watch for sometime.
  9. I recall buying green dialed field watches for hiking in the early 90's - usually Timex. They weren't much kop though.
  10. Sorry. My bad - I was trying to access the forum via the CW watches site. But it could just be the Internet where I am, although CW is the only site I (still) can't access.
  11. I saw these on the CW website yesterday when trying to access the forum, which isn't proving easy at the moment (no joy via the company website either). In this instance, I wasn't fussed about the word mark as the watch leaves me cold. CW's latest offerings seem to be getting a little lary of late.
  12. I just buy watches I like and can afford. Not sure what that makes me? As an aside, I'm probably clearer about what I don't like than what I do (recalling a chat with igorswis only yesterday).
  13. Can't argue with the above posts, but as you said in your OP, you are basing the watch on an earlier generation of military watches, but if the price is right..... I think the middle design for me, but I think you need to make a change to the minute and hour hands. They are very similar and with a quick glance, could be confusing. I like the bold use of yellow for the seconds hand for the black dial, but not the more tepid blue for the white dial. What's wrong with yellow or an equally bright colour? Look forward to seeing these progress. Edit. Forgot to add. I am not a
  14. I do like the look of that pocket watch - might have something to do with the name!
  15. I have several I don't wear much at all. Before being hospitalised, I got into the habit of pulling a few from my box and they would be the ones I wore until I fancied a change. That could be up to a couple of months. Be interesting to see how I feel when I get home again. I have decided to sell a couple, but they are not particularly expensive, so will be offering them as forum fund raisers.
  16. Welcome to the forum. Interesting background story. We love pics here. Be great to see some of your watches!
  17. You're not alone - I'm a fan as well! I'm with the OP. I love UN. I get more of a buzz looking at their offerings than probably any other brand and luckily they have an outlet in Bkk. I also enjoy the more avant-garde - and expensive brands. I really enjoy MB&F, clocks included - wonderful in the flesh. I love alternative movements, which is often a big factor for me, hence another reason to enjoy UN. My out of reach forever grail is the Armin Strom mirrored force resonance. Sorry I can't link to a pic right now.
  18. I only looked at the video. Can't they afford lights? Annoyed the hell out of me!
  19. To be honest, the old Omega bog standard packaging wasn't that robust and if not looked after could get pretty beat up. If I had auch a box and saw what I believed a genuine one for sale at the right price, I would jump at it.
  20. Belated congratulations to Leeds. They have to be welcomed back to the fold after so long away. Chelsea and Leeds fans have a certain history, but also have in common too many years of struggle when there were even doubts that both clubs would survive, so as a Chelsea fan I can empathise with what you went through and understand your euphoria at being back. Let battle commence - lol!
  21. Numbers crunched in half on chronos or other dial designs - usually at 12 and 6. Roman numerals squashed onto small dials where they can't be spaced out properly.
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