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  1. One special watch. I have more than I need already. Omega, Bremont or a Chopard Mille Miglia LE. There's a few I am partial too, apart from the one I already own and one has been on the wrist). If needed, I would add a bit to top up the 6k.
  2. Thanks! I got mine in 2014, so predates the Sewills. And it wasn't a new model when I bought it.
  3. Design is fine, not stand out, the movement isn't a winner at this price point. Myota and Seiko are perfectly acceptable, proven and reliable and for me, the watch is too small. You need to add a 42 or 43mm option as well.
  4. Not the models Freddie is asking about.
  5. I can only suggest you keep an eye on ebay. They have been sold there before.
  6. I have 4 - 2 bronze and 2 brass. I'm a bit picky about them. They came to popularity via microbrands, mainly from the far east and then got picked up by everyone. I don't like the big brands using the material where all they do is take an established model and make one in bronze. They have the wherewithal and ability to design an all new model for the material but rarely, if ever do. The best designs in my opinion, are from the microbrands, not the big boys. Anyone here's mine, all old pics and the Ancon has now been polished. I'll get some up to date pic sorted.
  7. They already do in a divers watch. Most of my autos are far more accurate than the +/- 20 seconds. With the exception of my Seiko 5, one of the new models, which thinking about it, I might see if it can be improved. I have 6 COSC's and they are all staggeringly accurate once up and running.
  8. @Bobby123 You could start here: Longines Men's Spirit 42mm Auto Chronograph in Blue - Watch Discussion Forum - The Watch Forum
  9. It's a perfectly decent, pleasant looking divers watch. But there are so many out there. But my big bug bear, which is a very personal thing, is this 'British design - Swiss made' thing, which nearly every new start up in the UK seems to come out with. It was original when CW did it years ago, but it's a tag line that is well past it's sell by date. Say 'all British made' and I'm in. Buy the best movement from wherever for the job in hand and I'm in (bar Chinese). But some opaque reference to 'Swiss made' and I'm out.
  10. Don't like any shown above bar Magrette, which is a well established and highly regarded microbrand of several years standing. And I own one. And actually, coming from NZ and no longer being in the EU does make a difference, as they were sold via an EU dealer. That now has no bearing for UK customers, unless he drops his prices for the UK accordingly.
  11. 'Master chronometer' - that's a bit Omega-ish, isn't it? I'll stick with my DSOTM. All the Johnny come lately's are just following in it's stream.
  12. I don't care for either of them. Sorry
  13. Thanks for sharing Mike, I really enjoyed that. I was stunned by the divers. Big, bold and wonderful. I'd love a light mother of pearl dial with the blue bezel. Very impressive. It's one of those brands you see year after year in the Wrist Watch Annual but never look at too closely, I have 2019's to hand and see the all blue diver was a limited run of 75 watches.
  14. I doubt anyone here has much experience of servicing such a watch. Can't you check on the web to find out about the movement? I can't see why it would need to be anything fancy, but if it is in-house, I guess access to parts might be an issue? How about checking with a watch repairer for an opinion. It's a lovely looking watch!
  15. Very good write up Honour @Always"watching" and very nice looking watches. Look forward to seeing those in the flesh when new Covid restrictions here allow.
  16. I have seen that definition of microbrands before, but I'm not sure that's how the majority of watch nuts see a microbrand. @JayDeep You might not see CW in a store as they only sell online, but the US is clearly a good market for the company. Same for Bremont, who have a boutique in New York. I quite like, such brands, but I think a better name is 'niche'. I have several such 'niche' watches.
  17. If that's the case, you've asked the wrong question, or perhaps you should have added your own definition. If those two companies are microbrands, so are the following: Bell & Ross Glashutte Original Ulysse Nardin Carl F Bucherer Zenith Piaget Blancpain Breguet Vacheron Constatin And they're just the Swiss (owned) brands!
  18. I'm of that pre-quartz generation that generally grew up with mechanical watches. I have one now and I would quite happily own another, but not solely because it was mechanical, but because the watch I liked happened to be mechanical.
  19. This for me as well. Does that make me an honorary Yorkshireman?. I did live there part time for about 2 years.
  20. @Karrusel Hi Alan, but was that development aided by CW? If so, there must have been some contractual collaboration between the two companies? Again, I stand to be corrected, but I am not aware CW have ever laid claim to that.
  21. I saw The Bangles live at the Hammersmith Palais eons ago - they were great - and Hoffs was to die for. I bought the album that had their hits on it, but no idea what happened to it. They were supported by a dire boy band act called 'Sailor' who I think had a couple of minor hits in the very distant past, and yes they did perform dressed as sailors!
  22. Have a look at the Orient range of ladies divers watches. My other half has had one for years (chose and bought it herself in a sale), although it's quartz. They might do an auto. Here's an example.
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