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  1. I disagree. Swatch is a large conglomerate of brands that increasingly, especially among the medium level brands, share movements and components. The same with Seiko and Orient. Just look at the day/date windows. Seiko also own Alba, sort of their introductory brand. Seiko clearly import their characteristics into Orient, despite claims to the contrary. Over here, their displays have even moved in line with Seiko's, which used to be a jumble of watches, but are now clearly separated by model i.e. 5 in one cabinet, prospex another and so on. Same with Orient, Orient Star. It's not unusual to see Orient and Seiko, share the same concession's area. Grand Seiko are displayed separately, but usually in the same vicinity.
  2. Mido are churning out new divers at a fair old rate now and at a first glance, I can't see any obvious and stand out differences to the last release, apart from the dial pattern that is, which now seems obligatory, gimmicky, and sometimes fugly, as in this case. I don't think they will stand the test of time. They're popular over here and good on the wrist. I still have my Mido Multifort which had a run out recently.
  3. The only stand out watch for me is the seamaster. The Tudor is a bit bland and looks like it wants to be something a bit better. The GS is a good looking watch, but doesn't quite seem to know what it's meant to be - not one thing nor the other. The Seamaster ticks every box and has real presence.
  4. I think it looks great, but for me, it's too small. The size is also the reason for the window cut out. Zenith have obviously weighed up the pro's and con's when finalising their decision.
  5. No, they are aluminum. I think 2006 was too soon for ceramic bezels.
  6. RLT36 Nautilus. Purchased from Hugh in 2017. Spot the difference with the same model posted above by Boots.
  7. @SolaVeritate I researched the history of my RLT 36, which is number 15 of 21, which has been moved on a few times, but always remained within the forum - from 2006 to date. If interested, here is the link to that thread, with a list of it's owners and year of purchase and sale. I also gave a link to the original thread - or thought I had - about how the watch, that was intended as a one-off for Roy, ended up as a production model - it's a fascinating read. However, ignore that link. It only takes you to Machs profile (sorry about that Mach). This is the actual link.
  8. This guide to RLT watches is already avaiable on the home page: RLT Watches Concise Guide - An Unofficial Pictorial History of RLT Watch Co. Models (thewatchforum.co.uk)
  9. couldn't agree more, so I have ordered this as well (orange), should be here next month:
  10. It does have some interesting features - the angled cut of the lugs and on each of the case sides. I have to say, and it's an old cliche, but the price represents great VFM. The bracelet is very long. I had to have 3-4 links removed. Told you my pics were bad - the dial is actually yellow! But in some light, it does appear a sort of amber colour. I think because of the textured matte dial. This pic shows more of a yellow dial and the nice lug design.
  11. @Bricey I'm on that CW thread as well, as I too have the watch. I have a 7.25 wrist and it's okay for me. The case and bracelet are titanium (the clasp is ss) and the bracelet tapers to 16mm, that's a first for me. Here's a few pics of mine, Phone pics, so not so good.
  12. I have a couple of watches with Myota movements and a display case back and it just ain't pretty. Almost as bad as the hole in the dial, which is just annoying and pointless. Interesting idea, but back to the drawing board for further development.
  13. That is shocking. I would send it back as well.
  14. Well Steve, you will know as well as I do, that there were similar comments made on the CW forum when the watch was introduced, The overall feel is there, as recognised by posters on this thread. Didn't CW announce some while back they would no longer be playing that game, but it seems they can't resist it. The good thing for CW is that there are always new members joining the forum that jump at these 'new' models. Like you, I like the Elite. The mature member of the current trio that make up the Sealander range.
  15. A bit explorer copy you mean - absolutely.
  16. That's why I rarely post there now. As I rarely take new pics and was relying on old stock of my pics, which must get a bit boring. Occasionally I take a pic of what I have been wearing that day and if the pic is decent I will post it, otherwise I don't bother.
  17. How many times have I said this? You don't pay homage to another brand by ripping off its designs. That's just marketing crap or for people to feel better about themselves. They are copy watches and one word away from being fakes. whether they come from Switzerland or China. And even worse are those Chinese companies that disguise their ownership of a brand, to pretend it is really a British brand or whatever, such as AVI-8.
  18. Not sure I could, but if did, it would have to be Omega or Bremont. On saying that, there are several Chopard Mille Miiglia LE's that I admire, in addition to the one I own. That would be an interesting collection. I would start with these two
  19. It's interesting hearing members praising Orient over Seiko, when Orient is 100% owned by Seiko.
  20. Wow. That's more than I thought. So that would make 872 watches if two per car. Is that right, as I thought driving was shared? With such numbers, I guess it makes sense to make two versions. Several months ago, I saw a 2015 LE still up for sale in Bangkok, in what must be the last of an AD's dwindling supply, as Chopard only sell via their own boutique now.
  21. Congratulations on the MM 2015 model. Yours is slightly different to mine, as you say, yours appears to be a version issued to competitors. All participents get that years MM model in part return for the huge cost of entering the race. So pretty unique really. Worth finding out how many cars took part in 2015, then doubling it, or what the total number of watches issued to competitors was. Do you know what movement is in yours? When I first saw the watch you have, I was puzzled by it as I wasn't aware they differed to the LE. Anyway, here's mine:
  22. Where there's a will......... When I relocated to Thailand back in September 2014, I shipped my watch boxes with other personal effects I took with me, photos and the like. About 8 boxes in total, took two months to arrive. I added 2/3 cheapies in there as well. No charge by customs upon arriival. The rest went on my wrist and in my hand luggage. Not stopped at either end. A year later I was back in the UK for a couple of weeks, during which time I collected a couple of watches already waiting for me (Omega and Magrette). On the way back, the boxes went into my stowed luggage and with the other 2/3 watches I had taken with me, the newbies joined them in my hand luggage. plus what was on my wrist. This time I got pulled over with my hand luggage, I was simply asked if they were mine and I said yes, and that was that. No problems at the Bangkok end. I never did check the rules as I already knew from personal experience, that Thailand charges a lot of tax for importing luxury items. And that's the key, check the local rules where you are headed. But my guess is that a bit of subterfuge will be needed.
  23. Ornamental orchids can be a pain to keep. I don't really care for the way they are artificially shaped, but very popular over here. They're best attached to a receptive tree and left to their own devices and just sprayed to replicate the mists of their original habitat. But an expert I am not, although I do have some, kept outdoors. After flowering, they last for upwards of a couple of months before dying down. They always bounce back but how and when appears a mystery!
  24. That's my wrist in the pic. I didn't buy it, although I thought the cost reasonable (it was an LE) and that was before haggling. I love the dial design, irrespective of it's colour and was truly surprised by how comfortable it was to wear. But a normal shaped case would have been preferred. I think their less common round cased watches are very attractive.
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