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  1. Just to say again, what a great collection. But secondly to say that whilst you clearly have an itch, you haven't quite pinned it down and as you have a track record of being incredibly patient with the need to finally scratch that itch, I think we are in the embryonic stages of a nice leisurely thread, discussing some magnificent watches! :thumbsup:

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  2. I'd like it to stay. The odd gem does turn up and there are a few here that have been satisfied customers. I bought one recently and went into it eyes wide open and the experience was good. 

    I think a disclaimer would be sufficient. 

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  3. Bremont for me, but then I have been following the brand for some time. 

    I can't really get into Tudor, even the BB's, which seem the most popular, although my neighbour has the blue Pelagos and I like that.

    As for the Tudor you have shown, take away the  hands and it's possibly the lost Rolex lookie-likey I have seen and I don't like it for that reason.  

  4. Thanks for posting these. Very interesting. 

    Quite a gauntlet thrown down by Bremont to CW. Basically saying put your money where your mouth is - you're big enough, lets see you develop some manufacturing facility in the UK. It's a fair point, especially in view of Mike France's senior position in the new association, but against everything CW has built its success on, now much copied by others, which is British design (albeit by a Swiss lead designer), coupled with Swiss manufacturing. Is there really a desire to change such a successful business model?   

    Also interesting to read that Bremont will be opening in Shanghai soon. 



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  5. 11 hours ago, Sulie said:

    Hi it’s a seiko bracelet no idea if original 



    I'd never considered  putting mine  on a bracelet, because of the brushed, almost satinised case. I'll have a rethink on that, as I really like yours. 

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  6. 14 hours ago, Sulie said:

    Morning all, going through my collection now .. back on with this seiko chrono.. really feeling the love for this again  :yes:



    It's  a great watch. I have the same in green. Is your bracelet an aftermarket one? Mine came on the strap in the pic.



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  7. F

    I could offer several of my watches in each category, but the biggest problem was for functional. Perhaps my PO that get's wet in the sea with me, or my speedy 1957 which fits the bill, or even my DSOTM, not To mention my Bremont MBIII GMT. But the cheapest of the lot wins, simply because it gets used most, a few times each week, when I cycle, when not suffering from a nasty stomach bug, like now! :(



    The obvious one for B in the eyes of many would be my Aerowatch, or even my U2 Blue, which has the most stunning dial, but so hard to do justice to in a pic, but I love the dual look of my speedy Broad Arrow.




    Lots to choose from here. Bronze, brass, ceramic, various shades of casing, blue dials, yellow dials, green dials, pilots, drivers, divers and a compass bezel. But I really like my Chopard MM 2015 LE. Great case back as well.



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  8. Saw these on Watchpro earlier and thought they looked pretty good. 



    Also available with titanium bracelets, but I prefer the strap.  Whilst I think the orange dial works okay with a black day / date window, I'm so sure the yellow dial does? I think white would have been better. Still a pretty good effort I think and I would be happy with the orange one.

    Tutima brings a splash of orange or yellow to titanium dive watches (watchpro.com)


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  9. On 25/03/2019 at 01:33, rhaythorne said:

    Maybe not such a little business though as they're one of the Peers Hardy Group brands.

    Yup, I wrote this 3 years ago, not sure if anything has changed:

    Henry London, on the other hand, are incredibly secretive about who they are on their website, which I guess would betray their Birmingham origins? I don't know why, as on their parent company website, they boast of owning various brands. For example, they don't even provide an address for returns or repairs, you have to email customer services to get that, but they do provide a phone number and that number belongs to the Peers Hardy Group from Birmingham, who own or produce watches for various watch fashion brands - Radley, Cluse, Paul Hewitt, Orla Kiely, Lola Rose, Halcyon Days (Suppliers to Royalty), LK Bennett, Jigsaw, Precision radio controlled, Kahuna, Disney kids and Tikkers and of course, Henry London - phew! Most of which, thankfully, I have never heard of!

    On the Henry London website, which tells you nothing about who they really are, they claim two designers found a 1960's vintage watch at Portobello Road market in West London, which was inscribed on the back with, 'Henry 1965' and that this was the starting point of the brand.


    What a load of bull! Mind you, I no more believe this than I do Christopher Wards three men in a boat origins or the story of how Bremont was so named.

    Henry London has nothing to do with London, but rather is the brain child of a marketing agency or in-house team used by the Peers Hardy Group. a large and well established Birmingham based company. 


    So the moral of this little tale? Quite simply that 'London' sells as both brands are doing very well, both here in the UK and abroad. Even some members of the CW forum, not from the UK, complained about 'London' being removed from CW dials after the merger with the Swiss movement maker. And Bremont still use London on the dial - which whilst technically correct - belies the fact they are based in Henley, something they are very open about. 

    And sadly this shows that not only Chinese Companies producing British themed watches are pulling the wool over peoples eyes.  

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