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  1. I have seen that definition of microbrands before, but I'm not sure that's how the majority of watch nuts see a microbrand.

    @JayDeep You  might not see CW in a store as they only sell online, but the US is clearly a good market for the company. Same for Bremont, who have a boutique in New York. 

    I quite like, such brands, but I think a better name is 'niche'. I have several such 'niche' watches.

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  2. 1 hour ago, JayDeep said:

    Yes, CW is a microbrand. Bremont as well.

    If that's the case, you've asked the wrong question, or perhaps you should have added your own definition. If those two companies are microbrands, so are the following:

    Bell & Ross

    Glashutte Original

    Ulysse Nardin

    Carl F Bucherer





    Vacheron Constatin

    And they're just the Swiss (owned) brands!


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  3. 21 hours ago, Karrusel said:


    Thanks Phil, I do have the same reservations as yourself to the British exclusiveness?
    However, I do know first hand, the Swiss were miffed that a British manufacturer had brought a new movement to market.

    My understanding is that the SH21 was in development for 4 years(?).



    Hi Alan, but was that development aided by CW? If so, there must have been some contractual collaboration between the two companies? Again, I stand to be corrected, but I am not aware CW have ever laid claim to that.   

  4. I saw The Bangles live at the Hammersmith Palais eons ago - they were great - and Hoffs was to die for. I bought the album that had their hits on it, but no  idea what happened to it.

    They were supported by a dire boy band act called 'Sailor' who I think had a couple of minor hits in the very distant past, and yes they did perform dressed as sailors! 

  5. Nice write up. :thumbsup:

    I have seen Spinnakers I like, but not this one.

    I have always liked the design of Ventus watches and I like a bit of brass on a watch - I have two - so the Ventus is a clear winner for me. Not that I plan on buying one.

  6. On 03/05/2021 at 13:43, Karrusel said:

    Not true I’m afraid!

    Currently & recently, we have/had the likes of Peter Neville Speake, Christopher Ward (SH21), George Daniels, Roger Pratt, Roger Smith.



    Alan,  I'm not convinced the SH21 can be classed as British. It was, as you know, conceived and built in it's entirety, in Switzerland, by Johannes Jahnke, using only Swiss made components, when he was working with Synergies Horlogeres (SH). It was introduced as CW's in-house movement when Christopher Ward Holdings was created in 2014, as in effect, the parent company of both CW and SH. The original owners of the holding company were Mike France, Peter Ellis and Jorge Bader (owner of SH), as well as Chris Ward and Johannes Jahnke with 5% each. Neither now have an interest in the holding company. 

    I believe, but happy to be corrected, that Meistersinger were already using the movement prior to CW becoming involved. I don't know how long it took for the movement to be developed or whether CW were involved in that? But I do recall the general disappointment on the CW forum when it was realised, when word leaked of a new CW movement, that CW hadn't had a team of watch makers kept hidden, somewhere in the UK, beavering away behind the scenes,  creating this new in-house movement. Although the merger was seen as a good thing, and of course, they are now an anglo-Swiss company.   

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  7. I really like the Elite. Very interesting watch, although really just too small for me at 40mm. The others re smaller so not an option and I think it's seriously about time CW stopped ripping off other brands. They throw these in from time to time and I don't think it does them any credit.

    In the past they even put out an advert comparing their red bezeled Trident to the red Bezeled Tudor BB, for which they received much criticism and withdrew the ad.

  8. My first grail watch was a planned retirement present to myself. When I started looking, and this was before I crossed the line from watch liker to watch nut, I didn't really set out with any style or brand in mind. Then I saw the orange bezel PO and that was that and for all I know I might have first seen the earlier, smaller and lighter version, but this is what I got - and then I had to start all over again!. My list of grails now would require a top level lottery or premium bond win, or to sell my house in the UK, that might get me one of them. 



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  9. Oh, if orange is okay, I liked this CW so much, I actually bought it. 


    Or you could pick up a second hand Bremont U2 Blue. I have struggled to ever get a decent pic of mine. The blue is stunning and the markers and numerals are creamy in appearance. Oh, and only a little red - lol! The barrel is the same blue as the dial, which you can just see on the bottom left of the watch. The strap has curved ends that fit perfectly. I love this watch. 


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  10. 21 hours ago, Kamakazie! said:

    Ochs Und Junior are another worth looking at.

    Yes, I have long desired a bespoke version of one of their models. After a few years of playing around with the basic designs, I have pretty much settled on what I want and how I want it to look. 

    I am waiting for the right Schofield as well, but as there were less than 60 made of the two colour schemes that make up their latest offering - and first from 2018, it might be along wait! Although I still love The Day Mark, which is still available. 


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  11. Bit of a coincidence. Here's my Ancon bronze on day of purchase in March 2016:


    Then in August 2016:


    I think the above saw it at it's best. Today, it is as Wrench described above - a sort of 'dirty brown:


    Which is probably why I don't wear it so much anymore. It needs re-setting. Watch this space. Edit - should have mentioned it has been on the wrist today. 

  12. So yesterday, I finally got a chance to look at this in the flesh. Except for the fact they didn't have the green dial model! The blue was very nice, a very highly polished watch, which bothered me a bit and with a surprising heft, which didn't. In all respects it was a perfect fit on the wrist. 

    But the salesman was bemused by a green dial, so called over the manager. This was a concession in a Dept. Store. The manager was aware of the green dial model, but that was about it. His English was not so great, so he took my number with the promise someone would call me back. Within the hour they did. The green dial model is not being imported to Thailand, but I could place an order blah, blah, blah. 

    How bloody annoying is that. I want to see it in the flesh. Maybe green dialled watches don't sell here? 

    Still, there'll be another watch along shortly........ 


  13. 21 hours ago, AVO said:

    Do you have a seasonal watch habit?

    And of course, let's see your blue dials! :beach:

    Can't have a seasonal watch habit without seasons! 

    We have degrees of heat followed by monsoon.   

    But I do have blue dialled watches.




    There's a blue textured dial in the next one, but you have to look!




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