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  1. Stereophonics - Graffiti On the Train album
  2. Hi S STEEL You've got a nice set up with a lot of equipment. As a newbie 'tinkerer' always interested to know what sort of stuff people are/like working on.
  3. Roamer 'Stingray'. Want someone to say "what's that you're wearing?" and me to say " a Stingray" I like the sometimes overlooked vintage Roamers.
  4. I resolve to get some more tools and learn more about servicing etc before making another purchase. Am after an ultrasonic cleaner and an oiling set next. Only trouble is my local jeweller has a couple of nice 70's seiko chronos in the window. :stop:
  5. It's slow going, I do a bit on the weekend when time allows. Well, if you've already got some tools, give it a go. The $75 dollars for access to the course content may seem a bit steep but it seems much more accessible then the BHI material for a newbie like me, plus you can do it at your own pace and it is very step by step. I got the movement from a Braille Arsa watch I got on ebay for about £55.
  6. My Homemade watchmakers desk. I wanted something that was at a good height (i.e. less stooping and back pain), something that was comfortable, and above all something that was flexible in that it could be put away. I'm only starting out and haven't got loads of kit so this set up suits me fine. I'd like to replace the drawers with some more sturdy wooden ones when I can find some suitable. I made the top after looking at a picture of something burgeon sells for about £2000.00.except smaller and without the little drawer and vice they have. The upholstered armrests aren't as neat as I would like but they're really comfortable and support your forearms when working an hour or so. I thought about making it with a taller lip to help stop bits pinging off onto the carpet, but it wouldn't be so easy to store away. Here it is stored neatly away, making it very 'wife friendly'.
  7. Okay, figured it out. Can't post pics with flickr but can with photobucket. Here's my Mid-size Seiko SKX013k2 automatic on a wjean sharkmesh.
  8. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7289/11335030833_62dfec1a58_n.jpg' alt='11335030833_62dfec1a58_n.jpg'> 20130825_205712 by 69mustang, on Flickr
  9. Going to try and post a pic of my Seiko.....
  10. Expect the drones are more expensive than the items they might deliver. Wonder how many would ever make it back to Amazon.
  11. Hi. Joined today. Also from Bristol, Frampton Cotterell. :D
  12. Forum Debut Hello. My name is Jason, and I'm an Alcaho Watchaholic. It's been 3 days since my last drink I last wielded a precision screwdriver and 2 months since my last purchase. ('Watchaholic' is what my wife calls me.) I'm new to forums apart from a brief flirtation with a vintage roamer watches forum so please be gentle. Not really sure how I got started but the 1st watch I really fell for was a Rotary Chronograph US02394-04 about 4 years ago. Lives - Bristol, Frampton Cotterell Works - Too hard! Tastes - 'I know what I like and I like what I know.' But, I really don't know a lot.....which is good because there's loads of stuff I can learn to like. I prefer mechanical because I like the idea of having a brilliantly intricately crafted miniature machine whirring away on my pathetically small 6.5inch wrist, quietly doing its job. I like to think I'm not a 'watch snob' and my daily wear consists of 2 watches. A 'beater' during my long working day delivering parcels. This is a quartz Pulsar PJN305X1 military style chronograph which immediately went on a 'James Bond pattern' NATO strap. The other watch which is getting daily wrist-time is a Seiko Mid-Size Diver SKX013K2 on a shark-mesh from wjean in Canada. This stays on all weekend and every evening to keep it wound. I also love that it's 'Alive'. When I say 'Alive' I mean that it's not perfect and I can regulate it by lying it in different positions overnight. Wants - Omega Speedmaster Professional, Longines Retrograde, Omega seamaster planet ocean with the orange bezel, Omega seamaster 300m Blue mid-size, Archimede Pilot 39H Automatic B watch, Sinn 656 or 856 (I'm not fussy :), Junghans Max Bill, an R.W.Smith watch purely because it's made from scratch in the UK. Pipe dreams....... Currently - Recently enrolled in the 'Timezone Watch School' and am attempting to disassemble and reassemble an eta2801-2 movement. It's very slow going as I'm trying to learn a bit about the parts as I go, and don't have a lot of spare 'quiet' time. I am, however, finding it very rewarding, if a little expensive on the tools.
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