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  1. Over to this thang , we all know what it is don’t we so no dial shot as the bracelet is luverly
  2. Seamaster 300m212.
  3. Ok who nicked the sun and left me with a grey bank holiday lol
  4. All change to something more robust
  5. It’s the only model I’m considering at the moment out of the newer CW range , it would have to be white on the bracelet though and at 39mm just about my sweet spot . Have you got the new discount voucher ,Steve ?
  6. Thank you ,Roy . Thought you’d banned me because of the Bridlington thread lol
  7. To access your full profile and additional features such as a personal messaging system, the chat room and the sales forum PLUS the chance to enter our giveaways, you must get to 100 posts and be a member for a year and, hopefully, beyond. Take your time and get to know the place but don't speed your way there... really
  8. Can’t message so have to put it here for anyone to help . Been a member several years but now have no access to certain sections like a new member , help, why !
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