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mcb2007's Feedback

  1. Cornelius left Positive feedback   

    SKX011J. Fast shipping and ace communication.

    mcb2007 was The Seller

  2. Laughing gravy left Positive feedback   

    Fast painless transaction

    mcb2007 was The Seller

  3. greasemonk left Positive feedback   

    another pleasant deal with Rob,great bloke to deal with

    mcb2007 was The Seller

  4. jsud2002 left Positive feedback   

    Bought a few Russian watches from Rob in the past transactions went smooth , top fella , thanks

    mcb2007 was The Seller

  5. Roger the Dodger left Positive feedback   

    Only just found this feature, so apologies for being late, but thanks to Rob for a great deal on the Sea Urchin. Top Bloke!

    mcb2007 was The Seller

  6. Nigelp left Positive feedback   

    Sorry for the very late feed back, I forgot when we did the trade. So better late than never. A true gent and a credit to the forum.

    mcb2007 was Trading

  7. bridgeman left Positive feedback   

    Exactly as described ,a true forum gentleman

    mcb2007 was The Seller

  8. badgersdad left Positive feedback   

    Thanks very much for a great deal.

    mcb2007 was The Seller

  9. Iceblue left Positive feedback   

    After a few pm,s mcb2007 let me buy a watch I liked from him , a great deal , a great watch and a great credit to the forum cheers buddy

    mcb2007 was The Seller

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