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  1. If you still had that cursed Rolex it would have been fatal lol
  2. Nice watch ,but all the love goes to that ring on your middle finger .
  3. On with the beater , can’t kill this thing
  4. Seeing that Bricey has shown the dial here’s the clasp
  5. Looking for a clock the mother-in-law and found this blurb to be mind boggling ,who’s going to be around to check if the accuracy . Automatic time change for Spring & Autumn and automatic time checks. , accurate to 1 second in 10 million years, have automatic set up for time and calendar (where applicable), The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) which is the UK's home of measurement and the nation's timekeeping. N
  6. The older version than Alan’s CW jumping hour
  7. That Ulysses Nardin just lovely,Steve My most worn watch this year ,really bonded with this one
  8. Lucky me off to M&S shortly , think that’s what she said or was it S&M ?
  9. Thought you’d hit Rock bottom , I first read that as Asda
  10. A tad on the grainy side must get better lighting lol
  11. It’s nice but like you say 41mm is too big 39mm would been far better and that price is obscene.
  12. I’m with you and Rog can’t remember the last tick tock establishment I looked in , I feel happy with my lot and nothing seems to get the juices flowing these days . Whats happened to me should I be worried .?
  13. Bit late to the party , never mind .
  14. It’s your fault I put it on today after seeing yours yesterday
  15. I’m a changed man , that was 6 years ago .
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