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  1. I’m with you and Rog can’t remember the last tick tock establishment I looked in , I feel happy with my lot and nothing seems to get the juices flowing these days . Whats happened to me should I be worried .?
  2. Bit late to the party , never mind .
  3. It’s your fault I put it on today after seeing yours yesterday
  4. I’m a changed man , that was 6 years ago .
  5. Over to this thang , we all know what it is don’t we so no dial shot as the bracelet is luverly
  6. Seamaster 300m212.
  7. Ok who nicked the sun and left me with a grey bank holiday lol
  8. All change to something more robust
  9. It’s the only model I’m considering at the moment out of the newer CW range , it would have to be white on the bracelet though and at 39mm just about my sweet spot . Have you got the new discount voucher ,Steve ?
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