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  1. Keep it orange, it matters not really bloody nice watch,good catch
  2. Welcome to the forum ,lots of advice here ...........
  3. Now I have an idea -I buy this kilt and make hundreds of straps
  4. ooo I feel a little robbed I was expecting a tartan strap
  5. Very nice ,I tried on in the shop and for me Citizen best diver so far ,cracking in house movement. it a nice weight and wear smart both with suit and casual .Good catch. Yes I want the Omega 1200 as well
  6. Ive no idea, but I'm fascinated by mechanical and automatic watches and pocket watches .If only I didn't have to flip so many great watches over the last 15 years -what a collection I would have ,Doo!!!
  7. Lovely work ,any watch saved is worthy
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