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  1. Hello folks, Im just wondering if someone could recommend any decent retailers UK based to be buying high quality bracelts from? A sort of strapcode in the UK if you will
  2. I've an Orient Ray and have no issue with Lume on that nor the Mako I let go some time ago. My suggestions would be Orient Mako Orient Ray Seiko SKX007/009 Or depending on how far past £100 your budget will go, a seiko monster
  3. @jmm1 there doesn't seem to be any way to add things to a shopping basket as such with there website. Thus forcing me to complete a transaction and pay postage on every strap. Has this been your experience?
  4. Just wondering where you guys think the best quality NATOS come from? I don't own any and want to pic a clue of decent ones up and I'm reluctant to use eBay unless someone recommended a seller. So where do you get them?
  5. Because I've never had them side by side before and didn't realise how much brighter one was than the other.
  6. I just thought I'd share a couple of images I got comparing the Tritium in my Luminox to the Lume in an Orange monster and an Orient Ray. I'm quite surprised by the results. The Lume from the Seiko and Orient almost washed out the Tritium completely.
  7. This has been on all day today. I must say it's one of the comfiest watches I've worn and by far it's comfier than my orange monster.
  8. Hello all, my good lady is just starting to take an interest in proper watches and I'd like to keep that interest going. My idea was to take something she likes the look of (that being the Seiko baby monsters) and possibly ly make it a little different for her. I'd like to be able to get a purple one if anyone knows where I could get one modded? I'd be open to considering other models but the purple face is pretty much non negotiable. We're basically looking for a smallish diver (she is a girl after all with little skinny wrists) , something similar to a monster, purple face, I don't mind if it's stock or if I need to get it modded. Thanks
  9. I've just run Malwarebytes and it's detected 0 malware. The only concern it detected was my GPS.
  10. Thanks I'll have a look. Any particular reason it would only ly happen for this forum?
  11. Hello folks, can someone help with my erratic forum access. Most of the time I'm simply greeted with this screen gif upload
  12. Thanks to all who replied. And thanks dapper. Ordered myself a Kassel.
  13. Evening all, I'm after something like this 'XW Bund' Style Leather Watchstrap I know watchworx don't have them in and have no plans to get anymore. So basically after some type of bund or cuff that's the same width all the way around and doesn't taper down like most bunds seem to. Can any point me in the right direction please? Thanks
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