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  1. Choosed some colorful straps for winter, whats yours ?
  2. From pieces compoents to a watch - Check ETA2824-2 movement. - Install dial and hands to movt - Put inside monobloc case from top side, cut stem - Press the glass, assemble the bezel - Water resistant testing 300meters - 48H running testing Boom ~ boom~ a watch ~
  3. https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/3481486518/O1CN01x22Ezf1y1I3hqWTnj_!!3481486518.jpg how to post a photo ??
  4. Prepare the tools : new AL insert , scissor, 1cm screw driver, Q-tips , Alcohol, Double-sided glue 1. Use screw driver to open the AL insert from 12H at glass side 2. Clean the bezel AL isnert seat by Alcohol 3.Cut the double side glue and paste on new AL insert back, tear off the extra parts 4. Paste the new AL insert to watch bezel, clean up, done
  5. am a Chinese lady,but like diver watch and Germany watch~~ of course PP /IWC love too
  6. How is your Luminovia
  7. To be honest, more than 80% watches & components are made in China. generally we have 3-levels quality on prodcutions market. - 1st level is the big factories who produce branded watches, they mainly manufacture the parts such as case, dial, hands, strap, packing etc, as the brand need to be Made in swiss / UK /Japan, the movt and assemble must done by local country, material covers 316L /titanium G5/ Brozne / Carbon. has more than 200 employees, the quality are quite good and stable. - 2nd level is the middle factory and Chinese brands. offer OEM Service and produce their own br
  8. SKX007 is pubic and affordable , i feel just love SEIKOO hahahaha
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