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  1. Wow...that’s a stunner mate. If you do get the funds definely get one...the build quality is absolutely superb i pirchased m6 grand seiko a few years back and never regretted it
  2. Beautiful mate. Wear in good health. Massive box too which adds to the fun I guess. I have reduced speed master and one of my favourite pieces to be honest. Cheers
  3. Now I do like my seikos but this is madness to another level!
  4. I too have small wrists..6.25inches. To be honest I wear watches all the way from 36mm to 44mm. some of my favourite in my collection at the moment are 39 speedmaster reduced, plenty of seikos, sea master 36mm, mondaine 38mm and Christopher ward at 40mm. i try and avoid too thick watches...tired a breitling superocean at 44mm and chuky thickness and just didn't look right on my chicken wrists
  5. Damn. Missed it! Now back to £125. I do love these watches. Already have one but fancied another!
  6. Owned 2 sold one! Never selling this one. NEVER lol
  7. Thanks gents...couldn't agree more..it really is absolutely gorgeous!
  8. Received this in the post a few days ago from our very now Faze...just couldn't resist taking some pictures on my note 4 and wanted to share with my fellow watch lovers. As we know this is a classic piece, actually i regretted letting go of my spork a couple of years ago and glad to have this in my possession. In case any one is wondering the "spork" nickname is given due to to the fact that this watch is a combination of a Diver watch case and a Pilot watch dial, making it similar to a combination Spoon and Fork (Spork) that one uses when camping. The other origin of the nickname is through a rearranging of the letters "SRP043K" to come up with Spork. Anyhow enjoy a few quick snaps...
  9. Welcome from me too Gary...this is a lovely place to be and you will find yourself checking in everyday i am sure
  10. Hence why I avoid quartz! Lol...on a more serious note it is a medical emergency and as a doctor I have come across many parents in A&E who just didn't realise the seriousness of the situation. We have actually now put up posters at my local A&E. The number of cases are rising and hence the publicity campaigns. However the problem is not new.
  11. thats a nice piece mate..i have been tempted by their thin design previously but never owned one, Maybe its time to have another look
  12. Hi H, I have been trying to contact you about your MacBook. Please get in touch. Thanks, Tom

  13. Never really been much of a fan of Russian watches but these growing on me now similar to rolex - never gave them a second though until the last year and now cant get a datejust on jubilee out of my mind!
  14. What's the easiest way to install Kodi on there buddy...any links. Quite a bit of different info out on Google! cheers
  15. wow! That is absolutely gorgeous. No matter how many times I look at it, I cant stop admiring the simple eloquence and beauty of this piece. My own little GS says hello....
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