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  1. Thanks, loving your 'old' watch very nice Seiko that!
  2. I can do without a date or second hand. Poorly executed date have ruined too many nice watches and I wear my watches in rotation so setting the date is somewhat of a pain at times.
  3. Wearing this as we speak (or rather... as I type).
  4. I currently own 4 watches (1 being serviced right now) and all being worn regularly every other day. Thanks guys for making me feel sane (almost).
  5. I will be in the minority but I think it looks better on brown leather compared to black leather. Since there is not much contrast with the black leather strap I think it looks a little bland. The brown leather strap looks great to me. Really like the curved ends which means it looks like it's made for the watch.
  6. Stowa Marine Original on NATO today
  7. Lovely looking watch, enjoy your purchase!
  8. I think the position of the logo looks slightly off and the modern font doesn't work too well with the style of the watch.
  9. If all goes well either a Speedy Pro or first generation Planet Ocean. Saying that I will probably deviate and buy whatever I like in the for sale section.
  10. Looks great to me and probably a little cheaper than the 'other' moon watch.
  11. Lovely variety in this thread. Wearing this today: Somewhat strangely the pic below isn't displayed. Can someone assist? I have used the function many times before on this forum. http://i874.photobucket.com/albums/ab307/Watchdude49/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsijou1wgb.jpeg[/IMG]
  12. I have to say that is one impressive drawing. Did you paint it yourself?
  13. Not too keen on the current Bond model. For me the PO2500 beats it as a future classic.
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