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  1. I am trying to identify a pocket watch that I recently acquired. It has no maker's mark, nor any inscription on the movement apart from the usual FA SR. It has a serial number on the dust cover, "2988," as well as six sets of numbers hand-engraved on the dust cover and rear casing, which I assume to be servicers' marks. None of these engravings seem to pertain to the date, unless the last two digits of "2095/31" refer to the year. Not sure if it's worth noting, but the dial is porcelain or enamel (it has hairline cracks), the crystal is plastic and the watch hands are blued steel. I realise that this information is unlikely to be helpful, but I hope that someone might have seen a similar model and would be able to give me either a maker or a date. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott.
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