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  1. Two new 420 RRs added to Meranom's SE offerings; J
  2. Yes from Weston Watch Straps described as "Massive black carbon fibre leather strap with orange stitching". quite pleased with it, although needed a jiggle to get it supple.... :eek: As an aside managed to wrestle unnotched one of the Darlena Rustic straps (22mm) onto a 18mm lug Vostok, they are nice straps and very supple without any jiggling(!); looks better than any of my efforts to notch a bigger strap down.
  3. Trying a chunky orange stitch for the newly arrived SE90
  4. See that looks blotchy and I know it isn't! Still waiting for my 100 you tempted me into with discount talk. Agree about the Silicon it's ok at a push but needs swapping out. I have a 710 RR currently which I'm happy with.
  5. Is that sand blasted? Yes sandblasted by previous owner I think, professional job different kind of finish to the new matt finishes from Meranom. Smoother,darker and more uniform. Was from a private sale on WUS. Happy with it.
  6. eggs? Yes eggs! You mean yours was eggless? Sticking bezel in a sealed bag with a smashed up freshly boiled egg causes speeded up darkening of the brass due I assume to sulphurous emissions from said egg. J
  7. That looks very professional. Yes perhaps I need to re sand and go again with the eggs, although I did brush the shiny ministry case too and the the more rustic( ) bezel is kind of in keeping. It looks a lot less all over the place in real life than the photo, honest.
  8. It's rustic! Will see what happens it seems to have deblotched some overnight. I'm not sure either about the whole thing but fiddle-assing about does stop me buying more watches!
  9. First effort at sanding down a a brass bezel and egging it up a little to add some colour. Jury is out.....not sure if this is right watch for it and the patination is a little blotchy. Maybe another sanding and back in with the egg! For the time being will see if it grows on me. Does look a little better in real life than the photo.
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