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  1. Voici le fromage: (red) Leicester Square.
  2. Off to the City: Banque.
  3. No, I think that's good. Holland Park.
  4. Like a French lady's underarms... Bushey.
  5. Good shot, sir! Swiss Cottage.
  6. Zut alors! D'Alston Junction
  7. Congratulations! Well spotted!
  8. Ooh la la. C'est Le Gare du Nord.
  9. You're OK - linear moves are allowed under Parslow's. Just watch out for the excess torsion on any rotational plays. Tower GATEWAY
  10. Bowling green, Chiswick. Little stream called 'The Thames' trickles past to the South but don't drink the water.
  11. Not 100% during Parslow's Parallel unless they are a yellow, Paddington, Victoria, Blackfriars, Cannon Street, Liverpool Street and Kings X can all be wild. Euston therefore is not wild, but thankfully you chose Euston Square, which is. Deptford Bridge.
  12. Morning Rog - yes, a good reminder for everyone. Rule 8 applies whenever the variant you are playing involves yellow, green, brown and/or either of the blues, sometimes known colloquially as the 'New Electrics' rule. This is in contrast to Rule 4 that applies to variants involving red, black and green, also known as the 'Old Electrics' rule. Gospel Oak was an exceptionally risky play but I fancied we might push the envelope a little. Finchley Central.
  13. Gah - apologies Wrench - just seen that it was you that was after the ASP. Maybe this time we'll make it as far as Medway and drop in on Mr. Childish. Not this time though: Gospel Oak
  14. Great start! I'd like to invoke Parslow's Parallel in this game, if I may. Under this rule (1957), all yellows are wild but yellow-yellow moves must transit Oxford Circus (from the South, naturally). Borough P.S. apologies - I didn't point out that the restrictions around Oxford Circus are as a direct consequence of the Argyle St. Parabola (ASP) that Rog wanted to include. Probably obvious to most (especially those that have been bitten by the ASP on more than one occasion!) but just wanted to clarify for those less familiar with the variant.
  15. Just in from the allotment and seen this. I think, therefore I can play: Mornington Crescent ...can't I?
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