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  1. Delta 5 - 'Mind Your Own Business' Cheerio QL
  2. We have segregated bicycle racks here at work for parking. Anybody with spokey dokeys or handlebar tassles must park separately in the gaenky section. Anybody with a unicycle will come back to find it chucked in a skip
  3. I guess, to their owners, any car is a super car. I know that my Golf estate is pretty super when I've just completed an exhausting run to the dump to get rid of a load of rubbish, and my neighbour looks in jealously as he can only fit some gaenky golf clubs in his Aston.
  4. New series of Marvel's Agents of Shield starting on E4 on Sunday evening, pushing Gotham into a later slot. Cheerio QL
  5. This week I recommend the BBC's Comedy of the Week channel. Website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02pc9x6/episodes/downloads RSS: https://podcasts.files.bbci.co.uk/p02pc9x6.rss Each week something different. Sometimes a one off - the latest is 'When Jeremy Hardy Spoke to the Nation' - a tribute to the late comedian with some of his 'best bits'. Other times it'll be an episode of Just a Minute, or I'm sorry I haven't a Clue, or.a.new.comedy drama - normally when there is a new series as a reminder to go and listen to the whole series. New episodes on Monday morning to brighten your commute Cheerio QL
  6. FRiday night Suzi Quatro special: First with the Pleasure Seekers ...giving it some while Canning the Can. My goodness. ... as Leather Tuscadero... ...and on stage in Sydney 4 years ago at 65! Crikey Cheerio - good weekend all QL
  7. Q.Lotte

    Song Titles Game

    The #1s - 'Sharon Shouldn't'
  8. Q.Lotte

    Song Titles Game

    Lee Dorsey - 'Working in a Coal Mine' Cheerio QL
  9. Great track from the Joe Meek stable featuring Honey Lantree - possibly the first well known female rock drummer. Reputedly the inspiration for this lady drummer who later stepped out from behind the drum kit in her brother's band to sing a song or two... Cheerio QL
  10. Q.Lotte

    Song Titles Game

    The Who - 'Pictures of Lily' Cheerio QL
  11. Made me look this up. First record I bought with my own money, back in '73, from Chiltern Sounds, I think.
  12. Q.Lotte

    Song Titles Game

    The Green Hornet - this version by Thee Milkshakes Cheerio QL
  13. It's all Greek to me. Not sure what's going on but love the maniacal laugh. Litsa Diamanti - 'Tha sou Kano kapsonaki' Cheerio QL
  14. Hey Group! It's a Shock Theater classic! Tom King & The Starfires - 'Stronger Than Dirt'
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