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  1. Hi Admins, please can you post this thread in the correct place so that it is seen. Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, I am not sure if this is the right place in the forum but if not then please move to correct location. I wanted to know if anyone could direct me to somewhere I can purchase a replacement bezel for a Mont Blanc Star 36mm? I am fine with it being an aftermarket equivalent. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks James
  3. Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to identify the correct balance wheel so I can find a replacement? Thanks James
  4. Many thanks for all the info guys. I am just putting it together and the hairspring is completely bust. I wondered if anyone could offer any advice on where I could locate a replacement balance wheel. The movement says Sicura SA on it and is 17 jewels. If anyone has any idea of what part exactly this is, size, calibre etc that would be great so I can get searching. Thanks in advance.
  5. I uploaded a video to Vimeo which hopefully is visible to all. thanks
  6. I can’t see any more screws. I am dismantling the movement. I would post a pic if I knew how?
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone know how you remove the movement on these watches? I have removed the crown and stem and the movement will rotate non stop with no problem but won’t come out. Is there a nack or a secret? The movement says on the back ‘Brevets’. Any help is gratefully received. Thanks James
  8. Trying to put an Armani case back on a watch. It was so strong the watch press broke and the watch wasn’t touched. I wanted to share a photo to see if anyone else had dealt with this before but I can’t seem to attach one. is this quite common? Literally the press, made of metal, broke in half.
  9. Hi, I wondered if you could help with some advice. I have a couple of Armani men’s watches that currently have the case back off as I changed the battery. I unfortunately cannot get them back on. I have tried with my hands...nowhere near. I have tried with my watch press...nowhere near. It seems when I struggle, it is always an Armani watch. Are they made so we can’t repair them? I am cynical on that. I have ordered some Seiko lubricant as I hoped that May make it easier but honestly I am starting to think there simply is no way of doing it on these. If you have any sugge
  10. Hi Guys, I was trying to replace a broken stem and crown for a friend and have had some issues. I wanted to see if the stem width I had was correct to go into the movement but being such a small ladies watch, I needed to remove the movement from the case. Now, I was expecting, like with so many high street watches, the dial would come with it. It did not. Of course the movement came off and the hands came off but the dial won’t shift. It won’t fit out the back which makes me think it must come out the front and so have a removable bezel. However, no matter what I try, I cannot get this be
  11. Thanks for the continued info. Also, I would like to source a vintage sub second hand that would fit and suit and am struggling to find one. Any ideas?
  12. Thanks for the info. I’m intrigued now by the Matchless engraving. Intrigued by it all to be fair. So I am guessing so far all we know is it is pre 1912? Thanks James
  13. Hi Mate, No hallmark that I can see. I have joined Flickr and added the pics. Please click on the link and have a look guys. Thanks James https://www.flickr.com/photos/189025556@N05/
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