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  1. I'm glad you got it sorted - I was going to say I only had this problem once - and that was with a brand new watch - a Doxa Sub1500T. I has ti send it back twice to them to get them to fix it. I do tend to end up hand-winding my Auto's every couple of days - or everyday when the one I'll be wearing that month isn't actually being worn - e.g. for the weekend. However, perhaps the 'Shaking' method is worth a go - but I certainly will be trying it with a lot more sympathy than Jay Deep's video
  2. It looks attractive enough - what is the lume like?
  3. I prefer the one with the carbon colour dial (which I presume is the new one) rather than the black dialled one
  4. I like both - but prefer the lower Yeah - have one of those on my G10 - they are great - especially as that lumed piping really does glow quite well
  5. I think that's for the watches you can buy off their store on their web-site. The Bronze is on Kickstarter only - hence you don't get any 'Yema' points - but you do get (according to them) 46% off
  6. In case anyone is interested I've just reserved my number for when this launches. If you go on live chat with them, they'll get you to sign up to their privilege club - then if you tell them the numbers you're interested in they let you know if they're still available - and then reserve whichever one you chose.
  7. Currently owned by Montres Ambre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yema_(watch)
  8. I agree that the Newmark 71 look superb - and that's a definite on my list - especially for £299 on KS on 18 June - indeed that was going to be my next, and last, purchase for this year. However, with an in-house movement, a bronze case (I don't actually have a bronze watch at the moment) and 46% off - I'm just wondering if I'd regret not getting the Yema too!? I'm just arguing with myself if I can bring 'next years' purchase forwards to this year
  9. The Bronze version has Domed AR Sapphire and is €624 on KS - although you have to add 20% VAT on that.
  10. Yeah - I know what you mean - I've had a huge splurge this year - Dreadnought GMT PRS-2, Newmark 6BB, Axiom IXL MONTRE D'AVIATEUR, MODELE I, Ianos Avyssos, Mitchell Timepieces B2 and Neucarl Sept Mai - and I had told myself the Newmark 71 was going to be the last one this year. However, this one is basically 50% off - and has it's own inhale movement. It just seems too good an opportunity to tun down. Hi Eski - they just say it took 2 years and €3mil to development. Its adjusted in 3 positions - has a guaranteed accuracy of +/- 12 secs and an observed accuracy of +/- 6 secs per day Here's a video to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vOaNIC2pwc MONTRE D'AVIATEUR, MODELE I
  11. Hi - does anyone have much experience of Yema? I only first heard of them a few weeks ago - but their launching a bronze diver on Kicksarter on 1st June. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yemawatches/1734769370?ref=833001&token=e0fb3d32&fbclid=IwAR1NotsoRbMKo1lZHaB9HY9PjXriHoMgei8-OzHLfdOVKvkq6oWQUlE6haA What intérêts me about it is the fact its going to use their own in-house movement. Does anyone know about this. They say they spent €3m developing it!? But is it just a French clone of an ETA 2824? View/opinions welcome
  12. I certainly agree with this - hence I'm now leaning towards hand wounds in any event. I would also say that I think 10 secs per day is probably within tolerances for a mechanical (unless its COSC). If it running that slow - set it 30 secs fast - by the end of the week it will only be 20 secs slow and you can rest it every weekend. You will find that you can get quite noticeably variations depending on whether you wear the watch, to how you lay it down at night - generally speaking if you lay it face up it runs at its fastest, if you lay it on its side crown down, it runs slower and if you lay it on its side crown up - its slowest. However, this is a general rule - so you might find yours is slightly different. As I'm terribly OCD I have a habit of timing my watches between me wearing then during the day and leaving them over night - I use the Watch Tracker App to do this. That way you know which is best position to leave your watch overnight. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/watch-tracker/id610666926?mt=8
  13. Sorry for the cr@ppy under a desk light photo - but my watch for today is a Jaeger LeCoultre Club Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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