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  1. Doxa say they chose Orange because it gave the clearest contrast. However, I’ve read many a comments from other people disputing this - saying that Red disappears first - so Orange would shortly after. However, I’ve just come accords this video what suggests that Doxa knew what they were talking about after all. http:// Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Tissot Navigator which uses the Lemania 1343 movement Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I think for a Sellita powered sapphire crystal watch £299 is a good price. Its a nice watch - but unfortunately it doesn't grab me in anyway. According to the Kickstarter - the watch is called 'Nauticus' what they say is named after legal case of Stena Nautica (No.2) - which let's face it isn't the most widely known of cases and doesn't have anything to do with watches - so that in itself seems a bit bizarre. But as Always Watching points out - the name on the Dial says Nautica. In one of the replies to a question they say Nauticus is a masculine variant of Nautica - but it doesn't explain the discrepancy between the name on the dial and what they actually say the name is. I hate to say it - but I get the feeling they're watch fans who have the desire to make their won watch - but probably not the experience in doing so. So in my mind they, and their backers, may find out its not all 'plain sailing' (to stick with the nautical theme ). In fact, given the price, I wonder if they're selling at a loss!?
  4. That really is a great watch - a brave decision by TimeFactors to do a 38mm Dreadnought - but its worked extremely well
  5. Looks excellent - congratulations on your purchase
  6. Today, and for the rest of the week, it’s the Yema Superman Heritage Bronze. Must say that after a ‘cool’ start I’m beginning to warm to this watch a bit more [emoji846] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Remember to post some more photos in the Doxa Owners Club section of this forum https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/120849-doxa-owners-club/
  8. I have about 30 watches. I rotate them every 2-weeks - although if I'm going to go somewhere or do something where they might get knocked I'll swap them for a quartz. However, it only takes a more nt of time to re-set/wind them - so I really don't see the points of winders at all I'm afraid.
  9. Well the Swiss Competition Commission have now somewhat back-tracked; and ETA are able to sell their movements to whoever they want. https://www.marketscreener.com/THE-SWATCH-GROUP-SA-9364976/news/Swatch-free-to-supply-watch-movements-says-Swiss-watchdog-30925845/ However, I've just been on their website - and they're still being shown as 'Unavailable' at the moment.
  10. I recently had my Lufbery Dragoon Trench Watch delivered. Given that it was only £160, and 'only' uses a Seiko NH15, I really wasn't expecting it to be that accurate - but wow, how wrong was I. As can be seen from the screenshot from the WatchTracker App; its ended up as having a 'Best-Fit' accuracy of -0.13 secs/day and a Total Rate over 13.4 days of -0.38secs per day. OK, I accept that I'm probably very lucky, and sure Quartz are still more accurate and more consistent - but I'm highly impressed with it!!!
  11. If you use Taptalk then you can upload photos no problem - that's what I do That does look nice. Be interesting to hear how you get on with it, how you find the bezel action - and of course what you think of the lume
  12. Well its nice......shame about the £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
  13. Congratulations on your bonus/promotions. I'm actually thinking about adding one to my collection - although that's probably next year. When they first came out I didn't see the point - and thought they should have issued it as a Jenny - I mean they don't have the iconic cushion shaped case - or even the midget hour hand..... ....however, I've recently had a change of heart. Apparently its based on a 'pre-Sub' model they did known as the 11804 and the more I look at it the more I like it. It may not have the iconic shaped case - but IMHO its pretty nice and probably more sensibly sized for everyday wear. My only problem is what colour? I think the start off for Doxa's is Orange - but I think the 11804 may actually pre-date that - so Black is probably more historically accurate. Having sad that I think the Diving Star Yellow - and the Aquamarine are really nice too. I'll probably end up with Doxa orange still though. The only things I've heard against them is the lume isn't brilliant - especially on the bezel. But even so - I'm still rather keen on it.
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