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  1. The rollercoaster that is Kickstarter is doing its usual thing and 2 people seem to have backed out of the Newmark 71 campaign meaning that 6 have become available with just over 1 day left.. So if you thought you had missed the boat on this one - now is your chance
  2. Erhhhh...well I recently Pre-~Ordered my 1st Bronze Watch - the Yema Superman Heritage https://eu.yema.com/products/yema-superman-heritage-bronze-ysupz2019a-aus?variant=20031100190793
  3. It depends - you can get very good quality Homages - some of watches that aren't made anymore. If they are clearly 'Homages' or 'inspired by',rather than fakes, I don't see the issue with them
  4. I got this today - and is my first watch that I ever pre-ordered; having missed their Kickstarter campaign. It has a Sellita SW260-1 movement, a screw down crown and is 200m water resistant. The colour of the case is supposed to match the colour of the Vickers Machine gun. Must admit, so far first impressions are really good and it seems very well finished Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Here are some photos to ‘wet the appetite’ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I posted about this watch in Mach 0.0013137' 'Suggestions' thread - but thought it deserved one of its own. The Isotope Goutte d'Eau Automatic is a Compressor Style Diver and a homage to the the Finnish World Ice Diving champion Johanna Nordblad. Isotope are, however, London based. It originally appeared on Kickstarter last month, with a choice of a Miyota 9015 or ETA 2824 movements - but it was cancelled partway through. It has now been re-released on Pre-Order, but apparently they had problems obtaining both movements - so now the choice is either a Seiko N35, or a Sellita SW200-1. However, the price has dropped significantly - and I just ordered a Sellita version for £328 which is only slightly more than the Miyota was originally on sale for. The Seiko movement one can currently be ordered for £244. The watch has a number of configurations - as well as the choice of movements you have either a Blue accented version (with engraved casebook) or an Orange accented one (with display back) and you v=can either chose date or no date (the dated one having slightly bigger indices. Apparently (for the car buffs) it obtained design influences from the 1937 Talbot-Lago d'Eau T150-C SS Coupe - although I don't see it myself. A link to the Pre-Order Site is here https://isotopewatches.com/collections/watches/products/new-goutte-deau-orange-and-nordblad-special-edition-hiper-supporter?variant=15401219457087 it needs 91 Order to proceed and there are currently 71 - orders close on 1 August so I'm hoping this will be successful A Video review is here - although please not it is before the change of movements and before the date option was available https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV9xnCddAK4&t=3s
  7. Well I've just 'Pre-Ordered a Isotope Goutte d'Eau Automatic. As you can see its a Compressor Style Diver. Although Isotope are London based - this watch is made to commemorate Johanna Nordblad who is the Finnish World Ice Diving Champion. The watch appeared on Kickstarter last months - and you had a choice of the Miyota 9015 movement, or an ETA 2824. However, it was cancelled early and the movements have been changed to a Seiko N35 or a Sellita SW200-1. There has been a significant reductio in price and I ordered the Sellita Version for £328. You have a choice of Blue or Orange accents - and a choice of with or without date. There needs to be 91 orders to get the go ahead (delivery is in November) - there's currently 69 sales If you're interested the link is here https://isotopewatches.com/collections/watches/products/new-goutte-deau-orange-and-nordblad-special-edition-hiper-supporter?variant=15401219457087 There is also a video review of the KS version here
  8. For those who are interested - there are only 27 of these watches left - and its been confirmed there will only be 1 run. Also - they have now added a No-Date Silver date. If you want one get your orders in quick
  9. Yes, I believe they were located along the Purley Way in Croydon
  10. Unfortunately this is going to be limited to 1 production run of 300 (although that may be good for collectors) - so if you're on the fence - now might be a good time to order
  11. 4 added since yesterday - so if that continues it will just about scrape funding
  12. Its 38.5mm dia case; 39.5mm dia bezel and 47mm lug to lug
  13. The Newmark 71 is a great watch with a design nod to some well known 70’s divers. It has a choice of 3 colour dials, silver, black and blue, a choice of either 12 hour or 60 minute bezel and a choice of either date or no date - the latter using a non-date movement and hence there is no ‘ghost’ position of the crown. The movements are either the Miyota 9015 or 9039. After a good start on Kickstarter, it now seems to have stalled on the 73 to 74% funded mark. So, if you looking for a well proportioned, classically styled watch for the very competitive price of £299.00 please give this one a look - and let’s try and get it funded Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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