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  1. I actually think it looks OK - its a really nice colour blue dial they've got. However, its not one that I'd personally buy.
  2. This week it’s the Doxa Sub 1500T Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No question - the Doxa - after all I don't won a watch with a Forged Carbon case Oh - to late to vote
  4. The Habring2 - who can say 'No' to a single pushers panda chronograph?
  5. I'm really sorry to say that I don't like any of them. However, I went for the Andersen Geneve on the basis its the least offensive to my eyes
  6. Sorry, I wasn't very clear - yes you're right they're spring bars. But its still a great watch
  7. Yes - its the seconds hands. Instead of actually having a small sub-seconds you get that revolving disk to let you know its running. It's based upon the Antikythera Mechanism. They're not fixed - you can revolve them around
  8. Wow interesting - thanks for all your research
  9. I've never done it myself - and frankly leave it to the professional's when they get serviced. However, its one of my intentions to do a watch repair course when I get some free time - just out of interests sake. In the meantime I time my watches, and usually find out how they run in varying positions over night, so I can live them in a position that best counteracts how the watch runs when I'm wearing it.
  10. Hmmm....well I not in the market for it at the moment - but generally I think its fine - the only thing I think is 'bad' are the hands - what is the point of them!? They have no lume - and I can't see the sense of skeletonised hands when there are no sub-dials (although having said that people still buy Omega Seamaster's).
  11. I decided to stick with the Sellita - and also keep the bezel as originally designed
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