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  1. I've never done it myself - and frankly leave it to the professional's when they get serviced. However, its one of my intentions to do a watch repair course when I get some free time - just out of interests sake. In the meantime I time my watches, and usually find out how they run in varying positions over night, so I can live them in a position that best counteracts how the watch runs when I'm wearing it.
  2. Hmmm....well I not in the market for it at the moment - but generally I think its fine - the only thing I think is 'bad' are the hands - what is the point of them!? They have no lume - and I can't see the sense of skeletonised hands when there are no sub-dials (although having said that people still buy Omega Seamaster's).
  3. I decided to stick with the Sellita - and also keep the bezel as originally designed
  4. I tend to side with @Roger the Dodger point of view. OK I didn't buy the Yema set - but they're cheap and they bent and they were likely to damage the watch (at least its screws) or even cause an injury. In the long run it's actually cheaper to buy quality tools, and more convenient, because you don't have to wait whilst you order replacements.
  5. Thanks - yeah, I already have a Strap Pin tool, they are essential
  6. OK, so the freebie screwdriver set I got from Yema didn't last as long as I hoped (bent a blade of one) - so I'm looking to get myself a decent set. Mainly going to be used for straps and bracelets etc - so has anyone got any advice/recommendations? Currently looking at Bergeon 30080-P05 and 30081-P05 (although I'm not sure exactly what the advantages/disadvantage of each is?). But has anyone else got any advice, recommendations, views or opinions. Thanks
  7. Its a good looking watch - will be interesting to hear what you think of it. What's the anticipated delivery date?
  8. Congratulations - its a great looking watch - with fantastic lume. You'll have to time it and let us know what the accuracy is actually like - as I have a feeling it will be a lot better than specs.
  9. Wow - I must admit my view about this watch has just gone up. There are a lot os 'Super Compressor' style watches out there - but none currently are constructed in the actual true way so they become more watertight the deeper you go https://wornandwound.com/guide-super-compressors/ - until now. According to this interview http://www.watchpaper.com/2020/09/07/christopher-ward-officially-confirms-it-is-a-super-compressor/?fbclid=IwAR25VVU-vJvl53BtLxxm7Al0_nC5C3ta43AyifhwSgr3fHROf4UxwMkyT4g this Christopher Ward is - so hats off to them.
  10. Just added this one to my collection. Although it’s a 42mm case it’s short 45mm lug-to-lug means it wears a lot smaller. It’s a lot less substantial than my Sub1500T and that, and the beads of rice strap, means it’s very easy to wear and is extremely comfortable - indeed it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it. Bracelet was also very easy to alter. On the downside, I would say the lume on the hands is good, on the indices it’s OK but unfortunately the lume on the bezel is hardly noticeable. Overall I think this is a great watch to add to your collection - it has a great vintage diver vibe a
  11. This is my latest addition to the Collection (which I got Saturday) and which I will be wearing for the next couple of weeks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Its a good looking watch - but I have no experience with the brand
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