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  1. I guess it's time to update this? Unfortunately the KS wasn't successful; the Creator went through a change of career - and then the Pandemic hit However, good things come to he who waits - and I now understand its about to re-launch on KS, but initially there is an opportunity to Pre-Order from their site https://neucarl.com Here's some of the latest photo's (borrowed from their site)
  2. I agree with you - I'm very much afraid the looks put me off - as you say its very ostentatious. If you're in to 'bling' then I guess it might be fine
  3. Mitchell Timepieces B2 Spirit Military Time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ah, now able to post photos [emoji846] This is what I mean. You can see the variance, but by knowing which way to leave the watch I got a mechanical watch , what is non-COSC, to an average of approximately 0.25 secs/day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hmmm....a 'new member' asking where people keep their watches - and a members map showing where people live...........not a good combination really
  6. The thing is - I would still attempt timing that - maybe over a week; so you could get a approximation when you 'estimate' the hand going onto one of the Markers
  7. I have to admit I'm quite 'sad' about this - as yes I do use a App - its called WatchTracker and like the one you use checks it against an atomic clock when you 'tap' on a designated time. Its actually quite interesting to see the variance you get if you leave a watch Dial Up; 3 up or 9 up etc - and thus, when you've taken it off at night, ig you know how much variance you've got wearing it during a day. You can then get some phenomenal accuracy rates over say a month - Ill post a screen shot up - but will have to do that vial TapTalk EDIT - hmmm Taptalk not working properly - so `i'll have to post it later
  8. LOL - well I own a Precista G10 - but the pre-sapphire version; and at the time I got it the CWC's only had 50m Water Resistance whereas mine has 100m. The Precista now has the new X1 C3 Lume, I'm not sure what the CWC has? I think a 100m WR is good enough for everyday ware - and if I was intentionally going swimming I would wear a Diver. So, I'd feel the (potentially) better lume and £100 saving is preferable. Also, the fact that Precista didn't supply their watches to the MOD for so long and therefore are arguably rarer actually makes it more attractive to me. However, I do want to get a CWC at some point in time
  9. Controversial I know - so Admin please remove if appropriate. However, I listened to this Podcast last night by The Casual Watch Reviewer - where it was suggested that the new intentions of the CWC watches are overpriced. Link is here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/are-limited-edition-watches-exploiting-collectors-is/id1467374705?i=1000473471301 I must say I'm in 2 minds. I think something like Timefactors, with their Precista and Smith brands, seem to offer better value for money - but that, per se, does not make CWC overpriced. Furthermore, the recent CWC Mellow seems good value against the Hamilton Khaki Pilot. Additionally, if you look at the prices of used CWC's on e-bay, then it could be argued that the new prices for CWC's are competitive? So, whilst I think (for me) it would be nicer if the CWC's were closer to the prices of Timefactors - I can't help but think CWC are not being unreasonable given their 2nd hand value. I wondered what others opinions were.....
  10. I understood the point Jambria was making is that its suggested certain brands were common used by the British Army - but whilst in the army for 10 years he never saw them; but the 1 he did see all the time was never mentioned at all. So he's saying that the Video was inaccurate. Personally I think that's a fair and interesting point to make. Out of interest Jambria - have you still got the Longines?
  11. Incase anyone is interested Joseph Bonnie are going to start producing one https://www.josephbonnie.com/en/product/bonklip-steel-watch-bracelet/
  12. LOL - I guess it may well be - but apparently up until the end of last month you could order it with a 20% discount - what would make it even more reasonable. I note all taxes and shipping is included in the price.
  13. Ahhhh.....I guess that does add an 'interest' factor to it - shame about the approx £1,500 price tag
  14. Firstly, I think its an attractive dress watch - and do like it. Secondly, it just doesn't come across as being a pilots watch - they look non-lumed indices for one thing?
  15. Fingers crossed that you get it soon
  16. Sorry to hear this :-(
  17. I think the Smith's Range are excellent value for money and I've heard nothing but praise for them.
  18. This is my first ever Seiko. I saw it on the Ernest Jones site for some really silly price - but they were out of stock. Then kept seeing it on the various adverts that keep popping up on your computer- and just really liked the look - which reminds me of the old JPS Lotus colours - and the more I saw it the more it really grew on me. Thought the Day-Date complication was useful to have in this time if similar days from the Coronavirus Lockdown - and ended up getting it for £260 New from AMJ watched - what I think is a bargain. See how I get on with it when I finish the rotation of my current watch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. This would suggest that you should stay away from Wish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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