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  1. Yo! Did the latter, cheers Now is it me or isn't the latter (old model) far more attractive?....
  2. Yes thank you. Can you put original up as well please (has yellow hand) Paste?????
  3. Yes or no? Good price and the latest version is at last with Sapphire Crystal. But I don't think it looks quite as sexy as the original it supersedes. What do you think? PS: SO frustrating: Why can't I put picure up easily from computer like every other site? URL/ Pasting all double dutch to me!
  4. I have a lovely chronograph Accurist bought from H. Samual early 90's inscribed 'Made In Japan' that for me indicates it was watch and not just movement? Always thought it interesting as not a Japanese manufacturer
  5. Looking at my late dad's collection, the one I remember with fondest memories as he wore it so much is a 'Milo' with a ivory/yellow face. It gives no indication as to where it was manufuctured but it always starts and keeps great time when wound. Can anybody throw any light on Milo please? The internet isn't giving much away
  6. I saw those so called refurb ones (didn't think there were that many around for refurbs??) but this def new with proper box. Got on EBay and it's called a 'Chiswick'; it seems they're all named after London towns. I don't like the 'British Design' logo at bottom much, but it generally looks quite expensive and it's a nice size unlike many modern watches which are too big. There's plenty of space on back to engrave a name which it seems is part of their gift gameplan. They have a nice little business that looks ripe for likes of Argos I'd say
  7. Thought I'd take a punt as seen them on youtube. Domed face, retro 60's styling and beautifully presented in box that depicts old London, it seems great value for money for around £25. Seems remarkably well made (certainly as good as an Accurist for example). Anyone else taken plunge? Just very difficult to find another new watch with that retro look that cheap
  8. Of course you're right, but what a huge amount of money to fork out for a quartz. Wager wouldn't hold value so good either
  9. Anyway, I've just this second bought a Seiko SUR265P via Creation for, with the 10% discount code they're giving, an incredible 43 quid. It looks great. Apart from a Longines quartz my dad gave upon his retirement and a Casio I use for physical activity, this will be only standard quartz (that isn't Kinetic ot Solar/ Eco- Drive). If anyone can put a pic up I'd be grateful as I've no idea how! Sorry mate, I'm used to right clicking 'save image as' then inserting. Don't get this URL. Can you talk me through it?....
  10. Some great counter arguments and that post with James May's quartz explanation is fantastic. Btw, how the HELL do you submit pictures on this site? I have a Google Chrome and haven't a scooby?...
  11. Perhaps I'm not as fanatical as some of you, but does that make me exempt from getting involved? It was an objective question
  12. With a name like Nigel I doubt you being a style guru, but if it really makes you happy I'm happy to model my humble collection to you if your sardonic mentality will allow me?...
  13. Ok, some good counter arguments. I come in peace honestly! Thank you Fair points
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