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  1. Have 3 Seiko 5's, one 33 years old; certainly never needed anything done to date. Conversely my Rolex has cost asmall fortune at 18 years old, similar wear. Just a point
  2. In terms of a reliable timepiece from any collection you can't beat the good old ubiquitous and reliable Seiko 5 movement without any of this nonsense: A few shakes and it's as good as new after years of storage- and maintenance free
  3. Nope. If you want to create such an impression go for a 'classless' brand. Possibly one that few of heard of will totally create that awe of mystery and dare I say possibly stealth. If you secretly want an expensive watch then agree Tudor looks sound choice. Or what about Grand Seiko? Only those in know will know!
  4. I have to say I'd personally find that very difficult! Always thought idea of collecting watces was in a draw/box/ cupboard/ chest, etc....?
  5. As we're talking Kinetic I had one of those £299 H.Samuel Seiko divers from around 2006 and it was my 'everyday' wear never gave me any trouble for years until I lost it. But I honestly believe collectors should stick to Auto's or standard Quartz
  6. Carrying on from another thread I had a bad experience with the only Eco watch I've ever owned. Yes it was 20 years back, but this Citizen, albeit my old one, didn't take kindly to occasionally being brought out into the sunlight and eventually the battery wouldn't charge. The much maligned Kinetic I never had this problem with when shaken into life. As an 'everyday' watch they'd be great, but does anyone concur? Have they improved? Or do you have to leave them on a window sill when not in use?
  7. Point taken, though I'm old enough to remember when Seiko were (relatively) very expensive (very early quartz) I'd elaborate: Pulsar: Nissan. Lorus: Suzuki. Orient: Suburu. Honda are SO frumpy these days I don't think there's a watch around that uncool, as reliable as they might be. But I'll go Citizen I suppose, though this green boy's pretty cool
  8. Strange analogy, but always regarded Seiko as Lexus and Citizen as Toyota, so kind of take your point; even though in watches case they aren't effectively same company
  9. The nearest Seiko equivalent is far more expensive. That said I'm slightly ambivalent regarding Eco-Drive as one let me down few years back. But looks great value and stunning looking imho and massive surprise Argos stocking this
  10. Looks a cracker to me, eco-drive to boot. What do you think? https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8868457?istCompanyId=a74d8886-5df9-4baa-b776-166b3bf9111c&istFeedId=30f62ea9-9626-4cac-97c8-9ff3921f8558&istItemId=iaiiwa
  11. For me they looked futuristic in a traditional way, if that makes sense
  12. I thought this one, available in many colours, ticked so many boxes in terms of aesthetics, versatility, retro, character and value https://www.chronograph-divers.com/seiko-5-sports-automatic-turtle-stainless-red-dial-watch-srpb17k1/
  13. It seems to me the big Japanese manufacturer has missed a trick discontinuing the 'sexy' models that were once so ubiquitous with, say, Creation. The brilliant Monster, the timeless retro 5 Turtle, the versatile Sea Urchin, the awesome 007 diver, etc, etc, etc. Why oh why? The models now look so very bland with no character. And anyone who snapped them up as little as 2 yeras back would be profiting in region of 600%!
  14. In flesh they're smaller than you might think mate, but then so is the Rolex submariner imho
  15. Invicta have cracking reliable movement and look the business. Get yourself the Rolex Submariner homage for around 65 quid at Creation with the discount voucher
  16. Literally doubled in price from when available at Creation
  17. Am I right in saying this ubiquitous classic is no longer manufactured? One of the greats for sure
  18. Anything with a gold bracelet: It screams 'virgin' or married to Thai girl....
  19. Generally half way between face and fastening. Maybe I'm just heavy handed. From what I've read the G-Shock don't have this problem but I've never owned one
  20. Have had three over last decade and all seem to snap around 3 to 4 years, which kind of defeates the object of have a 10 year battery or Solar power! To replace the strap doesn't seem worth it. Others found the same? Or should perhaps I should remove it in the shower? I'm certainly doing something wrong
  21. The Daily Mail (Mail Online) appear to endorse them as they offer bloody Voucher Codes for the site. Surely it's not doing the publication's credibility any good?....
  22. Was it a fake Orient then? That brand are normally good quality...
  23. They're way too cheap, getting mixed messages on internet?...
  24. It's rather nice not have to adjust my auto watch every few days for accuracy and I have quite a few. And yes, even my Rolex has been stopping during inactivity. This Burei watch is very good quality btw, certainly as good as say a £100 Rotary. Check them out. Only slight downside is face a little large. I have a lovely quartz Seiko from Creation hardly worn, but a little heavy to wear all day in the house
  25. I'm a bodybuilder and STILL apparently not moving enough!
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