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    JLC 497

    Jesus christ no I woudnt be touching it with my mits , just my curiosity was driving me mad as to what that part was (only worked on newish quartz movements), I'll stick to the 80's a less expensive toys to tinker with. Thanks though that has brung an end to a 3 hour google quest
  2. Brendan1213

    JLC 497

    Looking into buying a JLC 497 movement watch (40'S army issue) never worked on one this old or an automatic watch for that matter but cannot seem to find much info on how exactly how these movements work. More specifically what the part with what looks to be some sort of adjustment with "P.S.A.R." around it.
  3. Thanks il give it a try when im home next month
  4. Firstly im sorry if this has been covered before i did a search but didnt find anything, i have started servicing and cleaning up some old cwc g10 watches, i have 16 so far :-) basically cleaning and servcing and changing out the seals/crystal is fine but on a few there is a lot of corrosion on the dial were tritium used to be, is there a effective method of cleaning the face and removing some of the corrosion without further damaging the face or should i just leave as it is?
  5. Hello thought id introduce myself since il be asking a few questions no doubt in time or now :-) i have just started collecting and trying to repair army issue watches, was good enough to trade some ratchet spanners for a pulsar g10 from an armourer abiut 5 years back and its been great up u til two weeks ago, been in the jewelers getting it fixed ( glass 3 times, leaky seal once ) in two weeks so now i have takent o repairing them myslef, had an old cwc g10 and managed to break that so spent 5 days looking for a 955.102 movement with no luck so a 955.122 is on route so hope i can swap over the circuit board? Any repair advice on army watches would be great and how to use a 4 in 1 quartz watch tester lol, Watches so far, Pulsar g10 with date window Cwc g10 Mwc 50m and 100m although not issued i think i still like them. Chasing a smith, hamilton or timor
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