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  1. Whether you like the watch or not... Decade old Seamaster Aqua Terra co-axial, no box, no papers, no service history, fair few scratches and knocks but still looks good, dial in decent nick, states working fine etc but would obviously PayPal. In UK. £1150 Hmmm
  2. and its full of youth, think there has been some sort of open day for a uni or something. They all have bags. Two lads in front of me talking loudly about how they don't see the point of watches. Smart phones etc. They have a point yet it has also enraged me. Sitting there in their silly clothes. One has a tie die t shirt on. Both have silly fringes. Wearing jeans that look like leggings. Am I a grumpy f***er or should they be shot?
  3. Typical Friday night train delays... Supposed to be out tonight too, oh well had a couple of pints while I waited for the numbers to dwindle. Wearing a bit of Dutch
  4. Not sure they specify his ethnicity in the books, being a book and all its up to readers imagination
  5. Am thinking of doing similar, selling a few for a new one... Nothing too flash, just fancy my first omega
  6. I hope it all goes well mate. yeah this, good luck chief
  7. I worked for Daniel Craig... He part owned (maybe still does) a recruitment agency a decade plus back. Still owe me a weeks wages. Not a fan.
  8. Welcome... Show us your Russians/Soviets then!
  9. Wish I'd have picked that for my username Kanye Vostok! Later, William Vostok17
  10. I think what Renato is suggesting is that you buy the Seiko & leave it as it is unmodified. I have to say I agree with him, the mod is nice but personally I think the Seiko looks great as it is... Yeap, that's what I mean!! It's probably a better dial than the yobokies one, or Dagaz or whoever makes them. But if you really must have the FF dial, why not get the watch and the dial and send it to Roy to make the swap? Another alternative is going to monsterwatches and he still has one left, identical to Roy's but with the golden bezel like mine. €205. as nice as the original looks, I do like the fifty five dial... Will have a butchers at monster watches, cheers!
  11. You had to ask today... Yesterday I took a Casio up a mountain, down to the sea, across bridges and through tunnels... Today I took a Vostok to IKEA
  12. I love these fifty five fathoms seikos... But they're all best part of 3 ton fully modded on the bay Get the regular one not the mod... it means me changing the dial myself though... Having spent the day 'building' flat pack I am increasingly aware that I have some form of dyspraxia or mental deficiency or both
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