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  1. Hi there, The seiko 5 in my opinion is a good watch to start off your collection. I bought one off ebay about 5 years ago for £24 from a UK seller. My only gripe with it is that at night, after removing it from my wrist, it has stopped working by the morning.
  2. Hi, I have not purchased from East Europe, but I have purchased from India (Mumbi). The watch was a citizen automatic which worked just long enough for me to give him good feedback. After contacting the seller I returned the watch back to him for repair. I have never seen the watch since. By the way, the watch had been extensively refurbished that I doubt that it looked anything like the original model. A lesson learned.
  3. Lovely watch, l like the large day display at the top. Personaly though, I thinka brown strap-croc or otherwise-always looks better on a gold watch. Chrome or stainless looks better with a black strap. Just my two-penneth, cheers.
  4. Hi Paulywauly, welcome to the forum. You have a wide range of interesting watches here, how about showing us your Omega f300, or your favourite watch? Best regards, Cubby.
  5. Many thanks,, I will take off the back at first opportunity and check it out. Also I will post a photo or two.
  6. Hi Andy, thanks for the quick reply and the reassuring info.
  7. Does anyone know if Omega ever manufactured a watch with “Geneve†on the face, and “Seamaster†on the back of the watch case ? Regards, Cubby.
  8. Hello there and welcome from another "newbie", will you be posting some pics of your vintage omega's ?
  9. Hi mjae, great looking watch, but I'm more of a vintage type myself.
  10. Though I say it myself, I do have some nice old vintage watches in my collection. All but one of them costing only a few pounds. But my favourite of all is a battered old 70's TV style Sekonda, made in USSR. It was part of a job lot that was for spares/repair and cost the equivalent of £1.50. The chrome case was – and still is – badly scratched, and somone has tried to “dremel†their name on it. The crystal was also scratched so bad that only a hint of blue was showing through. A quick polish with a brillo pad on the crystal, and then a rub with silver polish revealed a lovely metalic marine blue dial with day date at 3o'clock. This watch in a former life was a “looker†I thought. A couple of tweeks in the movement, which was very dirty, and the watch sprang to life, so, after a gentle clean, the Sekonda has been a constant companion on my wrist ever since – keeping great time. Do you have a firm favourite that is in a worse state cosmetically that mine, if so I would like to see it please. TTFN, Cubby.
  11. Thanks AVO, I don't know how you knew that, I have Googled it and found nothing. Thanks again.
  12. Sorry for size of photo, I'm still finding my way around. Here is my latest watch, a c1958 Lebem Spitzberg calendograph, with ancre movement and pointer to date, with days of week (in French) around the bezel - LMMJVSD. There are some other small letters on the bezel followed with SDGD which are puzzeling me. If anyone knows what they mean please can you let me know. Bye for now.
  13. Cubby


    Hi there oldnut,and welcom, looking forward to the post about your junghans clock.
  14. Hello, my name is Alan – or Cubby to my friends. I live up t' north and have been collecting watches since 1998. I call myself a watch “NUT†because I cant stop looking at, reading about, and buying watches. My latest watch is a Lebem Spitzberg calendographe, with pointer and days of the week in French around the bezel, ( I would like to use this opportunity to thank Mel for the link he posted to a similar Lebem, on an earlier topic I found on this forum ). My “poshest†watch is a 1964, Rolex Explorer in stainless with black face which I bought from a Sheffield jeweler in 1998 and started my interest in watches. But the most joy I get is from an old beat up 70's retro Sekonda, made in USSR, TV style watch which I bought as part of a non working job lot off the Bay. It was in a very sorry state and I deduced it must have belonged to a potatoe planter who was a motorbike stunt rider in his spare time! After a couple of tweeks the movement sprang to life – and kept going! A quick polish of the crystal revealed a lovely metalic blue face, with day & date, and is on my wrist as I type, still keeping good time. The chrome case is very scratched and I have considered having it re-chromed, but will probably leave as is. The first watch I ventured to take apart and clean was a vintage 40's Lucerne, which is now a bag of bits in a tin. The vintage Lucerne has got to be the most – or one of the most difficult watches to work on. No doubt I will be corrected! I will post pictures of some of my collection over the coming months ( if anyone wants to see them ). So - signing off now, but I will be staying in tune to the forum for some interesting tips and snippits. And if I can help – some comments from me. TTFN -Cubby
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