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  1. Big companies give retailerers a 90 day advance on stock. They send it to you and if you haven't sold it in 90 days it's your stock. A lot of the time you get what the dealer sends you so there will be items you wouldn't normally order. That's why you get better discounts on some models compared to others. Archie's voice is loathsome but through all his waffle he does speak some truth and I'm guessing he's not far off the mark on those discounts.
  2. Found this among some stuff at work and it has zero interest to me. It could be a fake as I've never seen an ice watch before in the flesh. First person to say yes and pm me their address gets it. If it's any good to them they can pay it forward.
  3. Give me the Speedy and the Aston please.
  4. I remember when Harry Moss made good car stereos and then the company went to China and made pure crap. If that's the case with these watches I can't blame Stuffler. ( I liked him in American Pie too)
  5. Servicing and repairs are the current owners expense and can't be factored into the price so much. You wouldn't run a car for a couple of years and expect to get your money back for the car including expenses. If you bought a fixer upper that's a little different. Is it a diver or dress watch?
  6. A recent down turn might be due to the holiday season and summer activities. Just see how busy it gets come Christmas time.
  7. Really like the Tag but I'm partial to a bit of chrono, the orange accents really set this watch off. The white dial and tyre strap really finish it off I love it!
  8. I've been fancying one of these for a while and I'm about to pull the trigger. Any help on buying one of these beauty's.
  9. Ooooh Longines and Breitling made some nice watches around this period. I had a seamaster 300 as a birth year watch many moons ago. Yes i do regret selling it but i might choose something different and random next time.
  10. Ive seen a few of these the past couple of weeks and first glance they are the size of wasps. Nice touch lads you learn. Something new every day.
  11. Seikos are too pretty to bash around, the logical answer is a g shock. You dont have to like em and you can have fun bashing em around.
  12. Aah Wayne i see youve joined, this guy has some lovey old pieces in his collection and usually a little diferent from his part of the world. Just love the dial in that sea scout.
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