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  1. Thanks to Chascomm and pugster again, I have collected quite a number of gold watches over the years mostly in France where unlike the UK gold content is 18k as standard. And having sold big names - omega, longines, LeCoultre, Patek Philippe to name a few, some not even working, for large sums of money through ebay and Invaluable, most collectors might know their stuff all right but some will also admit buying/selling fakes on ebay and don't realize it. A large quantity of omega`s from south America suppose to be swiss made looking very fake still getting sold, I also seen a Rolex with very suspect hands and bezel fetched a high price as though it was genuine, the sellers having top ratings gives credibility to these sales. Getting back to this watch at least it is antique, genuine, swiss made and ticking away perfectly after 70 years (beginning to think should keep it) which in my opinion is no different or of less value than those names inscribed in our heads and told by the "experts" that they are of higher quality.
  2. Thanks for the reply pugster, I think if the manufacturer cannot be found on any list and as you say similar watches have disappeared over the years, this would add to the uniqueness of this watch making it more rare in my opinion. Yes the scrap gold value is about 300e but I rather see it go to someone that appreciates antique watches than a scraper.
  3. Hi, I have being trying to find out about this watch, the manufacturer, where, year of manufacture etc., but nothing comes up online. Its 18k old case with patent and brevet stamped on the crown. On the dial is the name Neutral. Thanks for any information
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