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  1. So this is considerably worse than just an inscription on the back. He needs someone who knows what they're doing to find out what's going on inside and, if possible, repair it. Worry about the back when the watch is fixed.
  2. That's an interesting watch. I've never come across the name before, but there's a view common online that M J Tobias didn't exist and the watches bearing his name are fakes, using the reputation of another Liverpool watchmaker M. I. Tobias. However, both editions of "Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World" list M. J. Tobias & Co, Lord Street, Liverpool, 1814-c1880. Can you get the movement cover off (the one with the Tobias name on)? A picture of the movement (works) would help identify it. I'd keep it because it's interesting, and even more so if it was owned by a family member.
  3. I'm now pretty sure the sponsor's mark is SD, with the tab like the one @Jet Jetski almost bought. I used that software they have in CSI ... ... ok, I'm lying, I used a magnifier and a bright light. My watch doesn't mention nickle anywhere. I'm sure Sir John's heirs wouldn't stoop so low. The Bonklip put up a bit of a fight, but it's now off. If I knew a fashionable young lady who was likely to wear it, I'd think about buying a leather strap.
  4. I emailed David Boettcher at VintageWatchStraps and got a very quick reply. If it was medical, he thinks it would have a centre seconds hand, ref " Field hospitals would have been illuminated dimly at night and a luminous seconds hand would have been very useful when taking a pulse." In his opinion it is a ladies' watch in the style of a trench watch. He also thinks the movement is Fontainemelon. Looking at Ranfft, the 10.5''' FHF30 has the right shapes. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?11&ranfft&0&2uswk&FHF_30 The Bonklip is coming off, as Boettcher says a metal bracelet will eventually chew through wire lugs. A leather strap would be better.
  5. Thanks, that does make a lot of sense. Do you have any idea about the movement?
  6. Some of you may know I inherited a gold wristwatch from 1925 by the Sir John Bennett company. So, when I found a silver octagonal watch by Sir John, hallmarked 1916, on Ebay with no bidders at £20, I snapped it up. The thing I didn't notice in my enthusiasm was the size - 26.6mm excl crown. So, it's tiny, but there's still some interesting things about it. First question, is it a "trench watch", as described by the seller, or a lady's watch, as I would guess from the size? However, it has a red 12 marker and the hands were lumed. Certainly not an attractive watch on a female wrist, but I don't think I would wear it. Inside of the caseback has imported mark for London and letter a for 1916. There is a sponsor's mark at the top edge that is a little easier to read in the photos. but I still can't decipher it. It's the right shape for George Stockwell, but doesn't look like GS. Any ideas? The movement is certainly pretty, but I can't see any marks. It's 10 ligne. Can anyone identify it? Finally, the bracelet signed Bonklip. I hadn't heard of that name before, but I read they were developed in the 1930s for pilots to wear over their sleeves. So wrong for the period of the watch. It does fit the 11mm wire lugs, so I may leave it on, what do you think? Anyone know more about Bonklip?
  7. Or there's something worn inside. I think it'll need professional help, it's way outside my tinkering grade.
  8. I was afraid that would be the answer. I've just been playing with it some more and it goes back to a different place every time.
  9. Hence the glove, which gave me the confidence I needed to remove the back.
  10. Does anyone know how to calibrate the second timer on a Landeron 48? It starts ok on 2 o'clock button, stops on 4 o'clock one. Another push on 4 resets it, but it goes back to 2, not 12. I've tried pushing buttons with the crown pulled out to time set position, but no luck resetting the timer hand.
  11. Thanks. The Stanley knife worked, but warming may come in useful sometime.
  12. Out on the Broads at Wroxham today, so a reliable Chinese diver, just in case. Didn't need its 5ATM water resistance, as it happens.
  13. Not sure if this one is pretty. Nice Ronda movement though.
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