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  1. A lovely story, it's always good to see a vintage watch being treasured for its personal connections. Photos - including one of the movement, if you can - may enable someone to tell you more about it.
  2. @Just2cold At the $800 price point I expect this is one of the current range of Sultana automatic watches. In which case, if you're not happy with it, you'd have to go back to the retailer, or contact the company direct. There's a contact form on the website www.sultana.ch. As Scott says, a few seconds off a day would be acceptable, assuming it isn't quartz.
  3. I hope you have a lot of bedside tables and mantelpieces.
  4. Incabloc was not in common use before the 1940s and the name Baume was discontinued in the 1960s. So that puts limits on possible dates. The other clue to dating would be the movement. The one on the OP's watch (AS1525) dates from 1955-65.
  5. Congratulations on your new acquisition. It certainly makes a statement on your wrist. However, I'm disappointed there will be no deep underwater shots in WRUW.
  6. You could try emailing the owner of this site, who seems to know a lot about Rado https://www.watchcarefully.com/index.php/service/103-rado-watches?start=18 Or even ask Rado themselves. https://www.rado.com/node/17879#send
  7. No, I was 20 in 1972, back to maths class for you.
  8. I can barely remember what I've had, let alone when and how much it cost, though some of these were company cars, and not necessarily in the right order. Triumph Herald 1200 (1971/72 probably) Mini 850 Mini 1000 Allegro 1750 (1976) Triumph TR7 (great when it worked) Morris Ital (1978 - shudder) Talbot Sunbeam (even worse) Ford Cortina 1600 Vauxhall Cavalier Ford Sierra VW Passat Estate Rover 820 Citroen Xantia (double shudder) Renault Laguna 3.0V6 (Great till 75K miles, when it fell to bits) Volvo V40 Estate (gutless wonder) Saab 9-5 Estate MG ZS (old Honda
  9. Hasn't been out of the box for a while and an antidote to all the Seikos.
  10. The link doesn't work for me. Adverts are in not always accurate. Anyway, "Victorian style" suggests it isn't actually 19th century, just made to look that way.
  11. In case it helps, there's some information in Swiss records. Record Dreadnought Watch Co registered the trademark “Summit” in Switzerland for watch movements, dials, watch cases and packaging in May 1917, with the registration number 39999. That number turned up, in August 1927, in a list of trademarks amended when Record moved its head office to Geneva. It was listed as cancelled for non-renewal in December 1937. I can find no further sign of the name until April 1952, when “Summit” in serif capitals was registered for “timepieces of all kinds and their parts” by Harris & Compan
  12. I wonder what answers you're expecting to get here, we can't help with how the watch came into your family, or where those initials came from. Re the case https://mb.nawcc.org/wiki/Keystone-Watch-Case-Co https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/guide/case-companies/keystone-watch-case-co-cases
  13. I thought I had convinced myself I should by a "better" watch, or two, since I have the funds to do it. Problem is, I see a four figure price and I just can't do it, or at least, I have yet to see anything I feel justifies that kind of money. The nearest I got was the Longines Admiral, which is lovely, but well under budget. (I also bought a Longines Ultra-Chron, but that turned out to have serious problems - it would randomly lose 15 minutes and the crown jammed when I tried to handwind it, so that went back and was refunded.)
  14. Great story and well done buying and repairing the clock. I was surprised to find the history linked to be of a textile manufacturer, not a clock maker. So who made the clock, do you know?
  15. @Petrocelli There's a very similar clock in an auction listed as "A George VI mahogany circular wall clock" by Stockall Marple & Co. The markings on yours actually says "G R VI", for George Rex 6th and the date of 1939, the year of the "King's Speech". https://www.tooveys.com/lots/235907/a-george-vi-mahogany-circular-wall-clock-with-brass-single-fusee-movement/ More on the company from Graces Guide - Stockall, Marples and Co of 6, 8 and 10. Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1. Telephones; Clerkenwell 2781-5 1947 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Manufacturers o
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