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  1. Shouldn't the next generation of the Explorer II be the Explorer III?
  2. Here's another bit of jigsaw my Ebay searches have thrown up. A MuDu branded watch, with a heraldic symbol on the back, which I now know was a trademark of Cornavin. I have two similar watches, branded Allena and Rubina, both trademarks owned by Allaine. The dials of these were shocking, the MuDu is in a similar state to my Rubina. Pictures from https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255058484782
  3. Urghhh! I wish I could unsee that. Put me off my lunch.
  4. Something like this probably. I doubt if there's much of the original watch left - the movement, maybe. This is similar to the chocolate one, though nicer in black - but the seller admits the case was replaced. New rebuilt Gentleman's Watch - Vintage Henri Sandoz Movement Hand Winding
  5. Valves? I've seen some incredible watches on here, but that gets the prize. On a clear night, can it pick up Radio Luxembourg? I think you've hit the nail on the head. It seems there's a thriving "Henri Sandoz & Fils" restoration facility, run by our friends in Mumbai. Here's another fine example of their work.
  6. Basis Watch registered Apero in 1946, so your guess on date is plausible. Basis made pin lever watches. I think @Balaton1109 will probably recognise the movement.
  7. What is it though? Quartz, handwinding? Sandoz was a doyen of the Argos catalogue and other mail order joints in the 1970s. From Argos, 1978. I really want to defend it, but, er, it's tough. On the other hand, it's the thought that counts.
  8. There was white paint on the inside of the crystal, so the dial paint was still wet when they put the watch together. Do Cousins stock crystal chisels in various sizes? I must take a look. We do have a coal scuttle, though I can't remember the last time I filled it. We had to let the servants go and I'm not not going down on hands and knees to clean out the grate.
  9. From the very small picture you sent I appears to be by the Baldwin company you already know about. If you can unscrew the bezel and crystal at the front, then I'm guessing the back will unscrew too, but I really think you should take it to a watchmaker, or failing that a good jeweller, and ask them to open it for you.
  10. It does look like a decent watch for the money and the Ebay seller has a good line in patter. As you know, I enjoy a quest, so I set out to see if I could track down "Ornake". The first thing that comes up is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts active in 2017 and, with the number of pictures of Italian lakes and piazzas in their posts, plus the first watch was called "Como", I thought they might be Italian. However, that proved a dead end. Predictably ornake.com is defunct, but the Internet Archive turned up a site with the right kind of watches. Nothing to identify the company behind it though. Except, the shipping terms said they shipped from the UK, so off to Companies House. There I found Ornake Ltd, a company incorporated in May 2016 and dissolved May 2019 with principle activity "retail sale of watches and jewellery in specialised stores". The registered address was 26, The Ridgeway, Astwood Bank, Redditch, which isn't far from where I am sitting. The company now registered there is Cleanse A Drive Ltd and if you look on Streetview, one of their vans is parked out front. I hope this isn't a big disappointment, but I rather thought it would appeal to your sense of humour.
  11. Back in May I bought a "refurbished" Citizen Newmaster from India because I needed the case. Swapped my dial and movement into it and it was all running fine. I put it away and just got it out this morning, to find a huge crack from the centre of the crystal to the edge, between 2 and 3. There's also some crazing to the acrylic on the opposite side. Not a huge problem, I can replace the crystal, I just wonder what's caused it to break - nothing I've done, it's been in the box for two months.
  12. The thing that rings alarm bells on that is, in the product details it says there's a button to change direction, but then it says it rotates on a fixed programme. I have one that looks identical, similar price and it's fixed. On mine, two of the motors stopped working and it took several replacements to get a reliable set of four. The motors are quiet, but the trim around the turntables creates some noise and I have a timer to switch it off at night. Maybe I was unlucky with mine, but with hindsight I'd have bought something better.
  13. There's a problem when using third party photos to illustrate threads, in that the external site may disappear, or just take down old photos. In the case of Ebay - often the only possible source - I get the feeling their retention times have got shorter. @Always"watching" referred to this recently in a post to his Junghans stop-watch topic. I know the technical solution is to copy the picture and store it in the gallery, but I've always linked to external images where possible, on the basis then no one can accuse TWF (or me) of stealing their photos. Just wondered @Roy, what's your take on this?
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