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  1. I made the mistake of going to a Queen tribute once. The singer looked like Bruce Forsyth in a vest. The Counterfeit Stones are very good, and they don't do any Queen numbers.
  2. Not just a certified chronometer, a Superlative certified chronometer. I mean, who would write rubbish like that on a decent watch?
  3. If that was a stamp it would be worth millions.
  4. At least you can vent here. We understand. 60s Allaine with 25j Felsa 4004.
  5. I use both Chrome and Firefox. An advantage of Chrome if you're working on foreign language sites is it will ask if you want it automatically translated. Google offers a translate option on links in search, which you can use in Firefox, but I find the built in Chrome option more convenient and reliable. The main thing you might miss from Firefox, I think, is the bookmarks menu you can have open down the side of the page. In Chrome, you only have the horizontal toolbar for quick access to bookmarks. Both browsers have no trouble displaying pdfs, and copy/paste into word processors. I find Libre Office the best free one. I had problems printing from Firefox in Win7, but I think you'll find it better in 10. My advice would be install both and see which you prefer.
  6. I struggle with that constantly. The same work has to be done, whether the watch is worth £50 or £250. Simon02 has serviced and repaired several of my old watches and I've never had a bill that high, so might be worth asking him. My handwinding Citizen says hello. Lovely, aren't they.
  7. You spotted the flaw in my analogy. I suppose we have to find another way to value an old, not widely appreciated watch. Otherwise, they'll all go in the bin. I just find mine interesting, for one reason or another.
  8. I've had 50 year old and older watches professionally serviced at a cost I wouldn't expect to get back if I sold them. You wouldn't expect to get servicing costs back on a car, so why expect it on a watch? Having said that, I'm not trying to make a living buying and selling watches.
  9. My Citizen Crystal Seven with vertical day date at 6 looks like Japanese even though it's in English.
  10. I didn't realise May's guitar was homemade. Don't think it translates well into a watch face though.
  11. A 2TB Crucial MX500 ssd for my desktop PC. And a shower hose.
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