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  1. I've got a Pulsar 7t62 made in Dec 2008 according to the watchsleuth date finder, which has A324 R 2 on the dial. Another from 2005 has B132 R 2. And a Y182 from 1997 has 6D88 R 2. From what others have said, seems unlikely the R refers to radium. I had two other Pulsar 7T62 from 2008, since sold, which photos show had R 2 on the dial.
  2. Apart from large numbers and the crown guard, I don't see much resemblance to the Hydro Conquest. I agree with you about the quality, here's mine.
  3. I guess you've never heard of profit pools.
  4. I have several homages, but only the vaguest idea of what they're homages to. What's a Stuhrling Regatta supposed to be?
  5. Back in the late 1970s my girlfriend had a battery operated clock that worked with revolving drums. They were hard plastic cylinders, but I guess the watch can't be, it doesn't look thick enough.
  6. Saw The Who at Wembley on Saturday. With an orchestra, which I wasn't expecting and didn't think worked. Knowing how much energy The Stones and Alice Cooper generate at the same age, The Who seemed tired and lacklustre.
  7. I have another one now, this one with a battery. Bezel faded in places, but I like the dial.
  8. I bought a "needs a battery" Pulsar Y182 for £30 + postage on UK eBay. That seems to be the least you'll pay for one that probably works.
  9. Certainly has impressive looks. When you say reassembled, do you mean with a Y182 movement installed?
  10. Aren't they brilliant? Had a Mk1 last year, swapped it for a Mk3 in April. Great fun and cost next to nothing.
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