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  1. Hard to tell between the well lit wrist shot, with less of the bracelet showing, vs the darker off wrist shots. It might just be I like the first photo better, but that's my choice on current information.
  2. At that price you're going to be buying nice watches, but not ones that real collectors are going to lust after. Also depends if you include used. If you were lucky you might snag a quartz Longines Hydro Conquest, but some wouldn't like the quartz part.
  3. You're trying to give it away, aren't you. Unless I pay him to take mine, I think you've won.
  4. @ry ry Better? It'd better be. It's the only watch I have with 20mm lugs, so every strap is a one shot gamble.
  5. See, I don't like smoke. I quite like the 10yr Aberlour they sell in supermarkets. Try that and see if it tastes funny too.
  6. Can whisky go off? Maybe you wouldn't have liked it ever.
  7. That confirms it. That thing is toast.
  8. According to the specs on the Alpha sites, the blue wave dial Seamaster is supposed to be a Miyota movement, cal 8215. That's not what this is, though, is it? I'm guessing Seagull. In this ...
  9. Find myself strangely drawn to wearing this. Not sure about the strap though. I like the way it looks on the original bracelet, except the clasp is a huge awkward thing.
  10. This was early afternoon by the Stratford-upon-Avon canal. Between McDonalds and the Premier Inn.
  11. Has no-one mentioned the greatest of them all, William Topaz Mcgonagall?
  12. That would make his eyes water, being grabbed by the Parnis.
  13. +1 Actually paid to stay in one in France, might have been Eurocamp. Worse than a tent.
  14. I like it, but then, I'm weird like that.
  15. The things people will do for a free watch.
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