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  1. That would make his eyes water, being grabbed by the Parnis.
  2. +1 Actually paid to stay in one in France, might have been Eurocamp. Worse than a tent.
  3. I like it, but then, I'm weird like that.
  4. The things people will do for a free watch.
  5. Thank you. All we need now is a symphony orchestra, a large choir and a recording studio.
  6. Why don't you trust Amazon? You can buy one and if you don't like it for any reason, send it straight back.
  7. Good effort, though I think an Ode to Joy should be a bit more rousing. Keeping Beethoven's Ninth in mind ... Jet has got a smart Shinola Sitting pretty on his wrist. Though it's quartz, it cost a fortune And comes top of any list. Do not say that it's a homage, Don't dare claim that it's a fake. You're just sore you haven't got one. We all hope your strap pins break. ... that's my work displacement activity for today.
  8. That's a shame. Would replacing the insert help? I buy my watches pre-scratched off ebay, which avoids that first scratch trauma.
  9. I wasn't so worried about the time it took as the plants arriving by Hermes courier in a battered cardboard box. Inside that, there seemed to be something like bin liner around the pots. It was all pretty dry in there. No labels or planting instructions on anything. I planted them out today. Will be exciting to see if anything survives. I do apologise for using the word 'exciting' in this thread. It's ironic, I assure you.
  10. Found this amazing artifact in the garden. I should be on Time Team.
  11. The Edifice getting a bit of sun, and helping with the gardening.
  12. Yes, that's true, photos do make any imperfections stand out, but they can also make things look better. If you can get the friggin' bezel off to get to the clip. I jammed a bit of caseback seal under the bezel of my Alpha. That fixed it.
  13. I'm just looking at the Casio Edifice on my wrist and I can't see anything that is out of alignment. I suppose if I looked under a loupe and measured with a laser I could find something, but I don't know why I would do that.
  14. Fascinating. Can't wait for the next installment.
  15. Who else will admit to owning one? Mine's an Original Aquadiver Specialty Grand Regatta Swiss Quartz HN593.33, which tells you all you need to know. I really like it.
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