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  1. Some fantastic watches on display this morning. Am I about to end the run? I couldn't get on with the original bracelet on my Citizen Crystron, the last straw being when it sprang open while I was planting a rose bush in the garden. I've had this NATO for ages and it often gets used as a stop gap before a leather strap arrives. But I think it suits the Crystron rather well and might be the permanent replacement. What do you think?
  2. Does this mean a watch you would wear every day? What is this strange perversion?
  3. I like that, enjoy it. Amazing the variety of styles in Eco Drives.
  4. I still haven't put most of mine right from April.
  5. Grünn is a brand of household electrical appliances in Germany. The name also comes up on jewellery making and gardening tools, mostly on eBay. Probably no worse than ones you get in starter watchmaking toolkits from Amazon. And, as others have said, unlikely to be German.
  6. I know nothing about JLC, but the strap that's on there doesn't fit. You need to measure the gap between the lugs in mm, preferably with a digital caliper, and then you can look for straps of that width. Unless you want a JLC branded strap, which will be expensive, you can get something more modest from eBay or Amazon.
  7. I noticed in the last couple of days my saved searches in the app are ignoring the "watch" category and doing "all categories" searches instead. I expect they've made some pointless enhancement to the app and introduced a bug, which will take forever to get fixed.
  8. What is wrong with it, that it needs restoring?
  9. Seeing that again has reminded me, I had two Hibiscus last year and they were fantastic, but they didn't survive the winter. Need to find replacements.
  10. Thanks. It looks even better in the flesh. I'll keep trying to get a better pic.
  11. Yesterday's new arrival, coincidentally quartz. A Citizen Crystron, from 1977 I think. Really hard to photograph that mirror finish dial. Here's the 8550 movement.
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