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  1. I've had several of the Ryton fairs in the diary, but there was always a clash with something else, or I was just too lazy to get up early on Sunday. I'll have to look at what's on at the motorcycle museum.
  2. My slide rule had a couple of the trickier formulas I needed for exams written in the recess where the slide runs. You can't do that with a phone. Never seen one of those before. What is it - a radio?
  3. Wonderful. I remember our "wireless" caught fire and my father threw it out into the garden. That was very exciting. Also, in Keith Richard's autobiography he recalls plugging his first electric guitar into the family valve radio. Brought back happy memories. I found my old Faber Castell slide rule a few years ago and was surprised to find there's a market for them, so I did sell that. Just found the Slide Rule museum, which looks interesting. I think this was mine.
  4. However, depending on your PHS logo, it may point instead to Philipp Haas & Söhne of St Georgen, Germany, 1867-1920. See examples here http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280&suchwort=phs&searchWhere=all#sucheMarker If it's one of those, you should find the company easier to research.
  5. Trading in Black Forest, Germany around 1875, according to Brian Loomes. You need to upload the photo to a hosting site like Flickr or Imgur and copy the link here.
  6. This looks like a carefully curated collection, well above the level of my old tat.
  7. I found this in the loft, a Creative Zen Touch 20GB mp3 player, from about 2004. Even by the standards of the time it was pretty big and heavy at 200 grams, and lost out to the iPod in terms of looks, user interface and all round cool. But, it's an all-metal case and inside is a 20GB Hitachi disk drive. I tried to charge it using the Creative charger, which remarkably I still have too, but the display kept flashing on and off, like it was trying to boot and failing. Eventually, after several attempts at a straightened paperclip reset, I got it to charge through a USB cable on my PC. Left it charging over night, this morning it fired up no problem. Then the big test, would a Windows 10 PC even recognise it? I probably have a software CD somewhere, but it would be expecting Windows XP, so I didn't even bother looking. With no drivers loaded, Windows Media Player didn't find it, but in Windows Explorer there's a little "My Zen" icon under "This PC". No sync or other management options, but mp3 files copy over fine. I have music on my phone, but just transferred a load of comedy radio recordings onto the Touch. Something to amuse me in the car. I could get a new Chinese mp3 player with bells, whistles and everything for about £30, but I can't throw this old stuff away. Anyone else afflicted that way?
  8. Our own vintage watch guru covered this a few years ago. You can compare notes with @Always"watching". I was watching one of the "ordinary" ones without a separate pusher on Ebay, but I decided not to bid. I love the design though. Interesting yours says "Foreign", not "Made in Germany".
  9. I was trying to explain this to my wife recently. I took the carbon rods out of an Eveready battery, put them in salt water and connected another battery to the rods. No idea why I wanted to make chlorine, I suppose just because I could. Like lighting farts in the bath.
  10. That's what I thought. The American regs caused panic in Canley. That is a beautiful car though.
  11. I suggest you post a picture in the Watchmaking and Repairs / Ask Simon section.
  12. Enough of these old walkers. I'm going with Julia.
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