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  1. Thank you, I like it a lot too. The movement dates it to around 1970, which seems about right for the logo too. I don't really go for modern watches at all, most of mine are 50s-70s. There are some nice older Mondaines about.
  2. Late, but the first sign of spring, at least in our garden.
  3. I was going to look them up, and found that @Always"watching" got there first by a long way. I did find an advert from 1953/54. The company still exists and claims to be the "Swiss Bankers Watch". Current management has links to Hong Kong. https://www.zitura.com/kontakt_en.htm
  4. Insurance valuations aren't a good guide to how much the watch would be worth if you sold it.
  5. Yes, I saw that. Having found nothing at what I expected to be the source, I didn't bother going further. Anyway, another brand to add to the French makers list.
  6. A few odds and sods. ETA 2452 from an Allaine FHF 90-5 signed with Mondaine logo AS 1220 from an Askania
  7. Mondaine FHF 90-5 from about 1970. I took it out Thursday evening to change the strap and set the time. Pulled out the crown and was horrified to see the date changing, until I realised the quick set works when the crown is fully out and the time set is the first position. Wound it a bit and put it back in the box, then when I got it out this morning, it was still running, which seems pretty good for a 50-year-old watch with unknown servicing history.
  8. That's annoying. I searched on that site for Roulac, but nothing came up. I can see "Richard-Rousset" in the French section of Davoine from 1949 to 1962.
  9. Moving straps around, trying this AskAniA with its 17J AS 1220 on a light tan bund from nicewatchstraps.
  10. The brand doesn't come up anywhere I can see. The only chance of a clue would be to see a clear, full picture of the movement.
  11. Interesting article on Ricoh movements here https://watch-movements.eu/blog/en/2019/12/02/ricoh-automatic-watch-movements/
  12. It must be annoying when the only source you can find on a brand is an article you'd forgotten you wrote. I'll try to get the watch in the post tomorrow.
  13. I think I've only ordered one at a time as well. You could try emailing the address listed under Contact Us on the site. I'd be surprised if they didn't try to help.
  14. I can't remember exactly what I put, but I didn't have to lie, so something like that.
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