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  1. William Shakespeare, towards the end of his life, to ask if he really did write all those plays. Maybe get in the Earl of Oxford, Francis Bacon and Christopher Marlowe and let them fight it out.
  2. I wonder how big this watch is, as I've seen a few described as Goliath and it doesn't have the elegant look of the Regulateur Francais examples. Most of them seem to use a very similar typeface though.
  3. What's going on with the Jacob? Did someone leave the workshop window open?
  4. Thanks for the anecdote. I've certainly seen a lot of Allaine watches in the UK, but I've never come across any reports of where they were originally sold. The men in macs story is at least more colourful than the window of H. Samuel, or Ratners.
  5. I really can't help you on value. Judex is an interesting manufacturer to someone who knows about French watchmaking. Which could be a small market. If you're going to keep it and wind it, take it to a watchmaker who is experienced with vintage movements and get it serviced. Polishing removes patina, which is part of the watch's history and character. It also removes metal, which can blur the edges of the case. So most collectors prefer watches not to be polished. So long as dirt isn't coming off on your hands, I'd leave it alone. If you want to sell it, your best bet is an auc
  6. That's a shame. According to the Mikrolisk trademark database, "Regulateur" was used by several watch manufacturers, of which Baumgartner Freres (Swiss) and Pétolat Freres & Anguenot (French) look to me like the most likely candidates, but seeing the movement would help. Third from left on 6 picture panel on this site shows a "Regulateur Francais" from Pétolat, and you can probably find them with a google image search to compare. http://patrimoine.bourgognefranchecomte.fr/connaitre-le-patrimoine/les-ressources-documentaires/acces-aux-dossiers-dinventaire/etude/3e81f4e6-f1b8-4de5-
  7. You could try planting lavender to distract them.
  8. BTW, if by cleaning you mean polishing the case, don't. Brush off any loose dirt and leave as it is.
  9. Can you get the back off and take a clear picture of the movement?
  10. On this forum? A tin can with Seiko on it would still win by a mile.
  11. So that's where my wire brush went. Took me years to get it all splayed out like that.
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