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  1. It's French. More on Judex in this thread.
  2. I was sold until they showed the wrist shot. I don't think it's designed to be worn. Fabulous as a desk clock. The martians have landed.
  3. No need, just Photoshop a picture onto your wrist. No one will notice.
  4. I never react well to gushing. If I was going to watch a video like that, I'd want a neutral and objective review.
  5. You have to have cufflinks as well. It's a question of standards.
  6. I've read an article about it on Monochrome now. Gives a totally different perspective to the thumbnail shot above. If I had CHF 75k lying about doing nothing, I'd be tempted. I'm not sure this is true any more. Especially at this level. I'm not going to spend £65k on a handmade watch (the Eccentricity) for anything so mundane as knowing the time. I can get that from my phone.
  7. Thanks for bringing us that, I was never happy with other explanations I saw, but that makes sense.
  8. I think they photographed the Brivet-Naudot from the back. If you turn it over, there's a perfectly sensible dial. I'm voting for the Armin Strom, because there's real karma in a Diesel Daddy homage being a million times the price.
  9. @Always"watching" @Balaton1109 Another resurrection. Just found this - the Westbury trademark registered by Diamond Watch Co of 1410 Stanley St., Suite 311, Montreal in August 1947. Renewed in 1977, expired in 1993. Not conclusive, but a possibility. https://trademark.trademarkia.com/ca/westbury-196390.htm
  10. @Always"watching" I found this page while refering back to previous threads on Hermann Becker. A while ago I acquired the two-volume "Lexikon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie" by Hans-Heinrich Schmidt, which stretches my German beyond breaking point, but it is one of the sources Mikrolisk relies on. Schmidt indeed attributes 'Eza' to Uhrenfabrik Ziemer & Co of Poststrasse Pforzheim, showing the trademark as it is on the second example you posted above. However, there is a footnote saying "allocation subject to change", with no other explanation, but it seems Schmidt too considered the ownershi
  11. Well, one other. You shouldn't be misled by percentages on a small sample. Anyway, the fat lady hasn't even started to clear her throat. It's the big white blobs and fat hands I don't like. I do understand they might be needed at 50 fathoms, but I'm not planning to go down there, even by accident. We need a deep sea diver emoticon.
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