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  1. Should be on a snake skin strap.
  2. Fees are a bit nuts, to say the least. Plus Paypal charges. You might well end up as well off with a dealer.
  3. There's at least 10 sold on ebay just in October. The key to success seems to be auction with starting bid under £2000, though I'm defining success as selling, whatever the market decides. Which may be less than you want.
  4. A bit of vintage quartz today, back from having a new crystal fitted, and now I've wrangled the hair-pulling ZRC bracelet off and replaced with alledgedly leather Nato.
  5. That is something that bothers me. @Silver Hawk Are you still doing work on these?
  6. What an amazing place. Great photos.
  7. While browsing around, I found a f300hz I like the look of. It would be my first electronic watch. Is there anything I should look out for, or things to consider before I drop money on one?
  8. Sub = lower, underneath, inferior. How could anyone be happy with that?
  9. That is something special. Great way to round off the collection, or maybe get a bigger box.
  10. Allaine 30j Felsa 4000 with new crystal.
  11. Great outcome on both watches. Did you get the dial restored on the chrome one, or is it just reflected light?
  12. Longines Admiral 2307-1 Cal 506.
  13. "Vita" was a brand registered to Juillerat Freres in Malleray, Switzerland. My reference book says it was listed in 1966, but doesn't give a source. Also, the list of features on the dial includes "Phinastar", which was a brand of mainspring registered to W. Schwab-Feller, Uhrfedernfabrik «Phina», Büren in 1956. The registration ran till 1996, but was mainly advertised in the 1960s.
  14. My first watch was a Timex and I find it really hard to shake that association with childhood. I know they make some really good watches, but there's still something in my head saying "yeah, but for children". Totally irrational. Would counselling help?
  15. Codhor, on one of the nylon straps Roy was selling a while ago.
  16. This gets more interesting. There was a Lancet Watch Co in Villeret which was liquidated in 1922. Needs more investigation to see what happened to it, but that'll have to wait till tomorrow. The movement dates to the 1940s, which is okay for the Keystone company, though it is outside the date range thrown up by the serial number. The pocket watch database only has American manufacturers.
  17. Case serial number. You can look it up on pocketwatchdatabase.com, but that only narrows it down to pre 1927.
  18. Add to that, the Keystone Watch Co, who cased the imported watch in the US. You can find "Victory" in the case grade table here. https://mb.nawcc.org/wiki/Keystone-Watch-Case-Co
  19. It's Google Maps telling him "trust me, this bridge is perfectly safe".
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