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  1. Hoping someone here knows about Magnolia trees. Ours was here when we moved in 20 years ago and was already a mature tree then. Each year there has been a profusion of flowers and leaves. It's been pruned every couple of years by a tree surgeon. This year there was hardly flowers and the leaves haven't developed at all, they're little more than buds. Is it dying of old age, or might it revive next year? Anything I could try to save it?
  2. I took it to mean you haven't understood his posts, hence they make no sense, therefore you need to learn to read. For the record, I don't understand this stuff either.
  3. You can buy something like a rubber ball as a watch case opening tool, which could be the way to open it safely. To be sure, ask in the repair section of the forum.
  4. There is, you become a gallery member for a small charge, £5 a year I believe. Otherwise, you can upload photos to Imgur without creating an account and then post them here using the URL. Some people find the Tapatalk app works well. It's designed to make posts to forums like TWF easier.
  5. No regrets at the passing of any of these. Seiko 7t62. Silver hands on white dial. Useless for telling the time and zero charisma. Alpha, blue lookalike with loose bezel. Pulsar y182 titanium, cheap and nasty. Lorus, paid £12 and lost money when I sold it. Pulsar 7t62 - actually I did have a soft spot for this, but the crystal was scratched to death. Invicta S1 Rally, looked nice but flaky. Steinhart model 1, nice homage but too heavy. Orient Mako ll, just fell out of love with it. De Tomaso Genova. Put down to experience.
  6. Did you track down J W Benson? If you're confident about opening the back up, it would be worth having a look inside to see what the movement is. https://www.hancocks-london.com/maker/benson%2C-jw/
  7. Slippery slope alert. I bought a Citizen Crystal Seven Parawater automatic, followed by a hand-wind with an 0201 movement, then a Homer Phynox also 0201 and now got a Crystron quartz 50-8276 on the way. Plus two Eco Drives, which somehow don't really count. Nice find to have left in the "uninteresting" box.
  8. I'm pretty forgiving of blemishes, but I think that would annoy me. No idea what could be done about it though. I hope you can get it sorted, it's a really good looking watch.
  9. Interesting. My watch is from 1943 according to the serial number, so maybe between the two.
  10. My only claim to expertise is I have a GSTP on an Elgin pocket watch that I know is genuine. The engraving's not perfect by any means but looks more professional.
  11. That looks great from the front but really uncomfortable to wear. ------------------------------------------------------------- Thought I would save you from the forest of wrist hair and show you the dust on my Thinkpad instead. Allaine black shield with Felsa 465N.
  12. Yes, I've often thought that's a bit strange. The closest I get to editing is using the crop function in the Flickr app. In the last couple of days the pictures it takes seem to be a lot higher resolution than before and I can't find a way to make the pics smaller, without downloading them to a pc. Hence huge watch face lying in some bizzarre tangled prairie.
  13. From time to time I buy "spares or repair" watches, with some daft idea I can fix whatever it is that is wrong with them. I bought an Ingersoll with a Smith's TY movement which just needed a new second hand. I did actually have it running outside the case, but when I reassembled it in the case the setting lever screw sheered off. I'm now on my second donor movement, having already failed with the previous one. I've done this before with a load of broken Seiko 7t32s, none of which ever worked. Eventually I put the whole lot on eBay for spares and swore I would never do anything like that again. But I did.
  14. I like that. It still has the classic style of my hand-winding Shockmaster.
  15. I don't disagree, Honour. They are wonderful things and not what most people are going to have on their wrist today. On the other hand, if you've got £500 to spend there's quite a choice on Ebay, either Landeron or Valjoux. So, special yes; rare, not really. My comment about mass-produced is based on this article on Monochrome Watches, which I found while researching my Sultana. Unless that is totally wrong - and it seems to stack up with the relatively large number of very similar watches still available - they were largely knocked out down to a price. As I understand the OP's question, they've seen the watch for sale. Whether it's a good buy rather depends on the price and if it's working.
  16. Where have you looked? There are a couple of Astree Watch examples currently on Ebay. If you search eBay for "Valjoux chronograph" or "Landeron chronograph" you will find a lot, with all sorts of different names on the dial. I have a Landeron version branded Sultana. On one level it's a work of art, but a very mass-produced art.
  17. Is it yours? What makes you suspicious about it? Astree Watch was owned by Dodane SA of Besancon, France, according to Mikrolisk. A check in Google Images shows quite a few mechanical chronographs with that branding, with Valjoux or Landeron movements. The one you posted has a Valjoux 7733.
  18. "What they're worth" is a minefield, there's so many variables. The "Geneve" on your Omega is the model range. If you scroll to the bottom of this Chrono24 page you'll see some background on the range of watches that used that name. https://www.chrono24.co.uk/omega/geneve--mod1082.htm
  19. Have to say, I'd be delighted if I found either of those in my attic. Some people won't like the inscription and logo on the Omega, but for others it provides dating evidence and fascinating history. For valuation you could try a local auctioneer, but a watch is such a personal family connection, I wouldn't want to let that go.
  20. Put new black 17mm strap on yesterday. Did some gardening later and scuffed the crystal. Polywatch took out the scuff and the cloth was black afterwards, so some serious dirt gone too.
  21. Welcome to TWF. Have you found the Clock & Pocket Watch section on here? If you're just interested generally there's a lot to browse. Or, if you have a watch you want to find out about, post some pictures there.
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