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  1. Thank you, I like it a lot too. The movement dates it to around 1970, which seems about right for the logo too. I don't really go for modern watches at all, most of mine are 50s-70s. There are some nice older Mondaines about.
  2. Late, but the first sign of spring, at least in our garden.
  3. I was going to look them up, and found that @Always"watching" got there first by a long way. I did find an advert from 1953/54. The company still exists and claims to be the "Swiss Bankers Watch". Current management has links to Hong Kong. https://www.zitura.com/kontakt_en.htm
  4. Insurance valuations aren't a good guide to how much the watch would be worth if you sold it.
  5. Yes, I saw that. Having found nothing at what I expected to be the source, I didn't bother going further. Anyway, another brand to add to the French makers list.
  6. A few odds and sods. ETA 2452 from an Allaine FHF 90-5 signed with Mondaine logo AS 1220 from an Askania
  7. Mondaine FHF 90-5 from about 1970. I took it out Thursday evening to change the strap and set the time. Pulled out the crown and was horrified to see the date changing, until I realised the quick set works when the crown is fully out and the time set is the first position. Wound it a bit and put it back in the box, then when I got it out this morning, it was still running, which seems pretty good for a 50-year-old watch with unknown servicing history.
  8. That's annoying. I searched on that site for Roulac, but nothing came up. I can see "Richard-Rousset" in the French section of Davoine from 1949 to 1962.
  9. Moving straps around, trying this AskAniA with its 17J AS 1220 on a light tan bund from nicewatchstraps.
  10. The brand doesn't come up anywhere I can see. The only chance of a clue would be to see a clear, full picture of the movement.
  11. Interesting article on Ricoh movements here https://watch-movements.eu/blog/en/2019/12/02/ricoh-automatic-watch-movements/
  12. It must be annoying when the only source you can find on a brand is an article you'd forgotten you wrote. I'll try to get the watch in the post tomorrow.
  13. I think I've only ordered one at a time as well. You could try emailing the address listed under Contact Us on the site. I'd be surprised if they didn't try to help.
  14. I can't remember exactly what I put, but I didn't have to lie, so something like that.
  15. Yes, I use them a lot and they've been excellent. Email from Nick Bradshaw when strap is posted and they always arrive next business day. PayPal goes to The Membership Club, which worried me first time, but it is all legitimate.
  16. No, there's a question about it when you sign up, but iirc there's an "other" option, or something similar. I've bought from them with no problems.
  17. If you like old electric clocks, have you seen John_d's work on his Ferrantis? They're lovely too.
  18. Great stuff. I have no interest at all in the watches, but the companies are fascinating.
  19. Great to see these old clocks restored and working.
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