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  1. I just looked on Cousins and the 7T92 is £62. Maybe the price has rocketed recently - seems like everything else has. The 351.580 stem comes up as "obsolete". Since the movement seems to be working, I was thinking I could save myself the misery of trying to fit more than one of those subdial hands. I can get a 7T92 stem with a 7T52 crown for £15 on Ebay, so that was my plan. Just fingers crossed there's not some bizarre reason the crown won't fit.
  2. To be fair, I've already been told by a reputable watchmaker that he couldn't get the parts for a Citizen 8550. Between all the replies today, I think you guys are talking me round.
  3. Yes, I agree, but if I'd known in advance I might not have sent it in. Also, this isn't an Omega. Or even an Accutron. Maybe it's my imagination, but the cost of watch repairs seems to have gone up massively post lockdown.
  4. How about a WW2 Elgin pocket watch? Even has it's own mini whip. And it's reassuringly radioactive.
  5. Yes, I understand that and I'm not out to make a profit on it. If it was just doing the work I'd be fine about it, but if I'm going to spend £50-60 on parts for a watch I could get working for £40-50 on Ebay, I wonder if it's worth it. I can't see why a cheaper crown wouldn't work, it's not screw-down or anything.
  6. Just to round off my experience, I just got a written estimate (in the post) from Croydon Service Centre. Overhauling and replacing the circuit on my Crystron comes to well over £200, which may be reasonable for the work involved with scarce parts, but is astronomically more than the watch is worth. What they didn't say when they suggested I send in the watch for appraisal is there's a charge of £30 to return it without doing the work. So, let's just say I won't be going back.
  7. Today's old fogey, a linen-dialed Mondaine with 25J FHF 90-5. Just have to remember setting the time is position 1, the date is position 2.
  8. I'd be more worried what happens when it gets to 666.
  9. I see this has already been extensively discussed "elsewhere". I only got through two pages of four, but by then the best reply by far was "Indiana Jones wore an old WW1 German officer's watch that his uncle souvenired after garotting its owner at Ypres during a daring night-time raid to secure chocolate." You'll have to stop bracketing me with @Karrusel. It's like expecting the squire to go for a pint with the gamekeeper.
  10. Not my watch, just an example I found that I thought might be what you were asking about. That was the only one. If it's a watch you own, you might want to sign up on the Rolex Forums and ask there. https://www.rolexforums.com/
  11. Having said I would never buy another Seiko 7T anything, I got this one in a job lot and thought it might be worth having a go at. Having put a battery in it, there's a pulse on the quartz tester and the hands move. However, at the least it needs a new crystal, one sub-dial hand and a new crown and stem. So far, I've been quoted £40 on Ebay for a crown and stem, supposedly original Seiko parts. At that price I don't think the repair is viable. I can get a stem from other sources, but I don't know about the crown. Does it really need the original crown, or would something more generic do? Almost any other 7T.. crown would be cheaper as far as I can see, but would they fit? Forgot to add a picture.
  12. Do you mean like this? https://www.ukspecialistwatches.co.uk/shop/other-brands/rolex-precision-dress-watch-9ct-gold-vintage-1958/
  13. I didn't understand that till I watched the video and saw the semaphore.
  14. Welcome to the forum. You have a lovely watch there. Definitely don't bin it, just the thought of that makes me shudder. I'm not sure what you mean by "who would take it on?" If you want to sell it in its current condition, then your best option would be to put it on Ebay with a low start as "spares or repair" and let the bidding take care of the value. We can't give you a value here, but if you search "Tissot valjoux 7734" and use the Completed Items filter, you'll see what parts typically go for. If it was mine, though, I'd be looking for a good watch repairer to sort it out. One option would be an official Tissot Service Centre or use a BHI accredited repairer.
  15. A really good start would be to find out if there is already a watch museum in the North East. About 30 seconds with Google showed there is. https://www.timeforgeorge.co.uk/ So go there, talk to the owners, maybe you could collaborate with them in some way.
  16. I do find it strangely attractive, the Doxa badge on the dial gives it a bit of a vintage feel.
  17. Third time up for the Duxot, £195 starting price originally. Now changed the order of the pictures to put the boxed photo first. Must've heard about @Bricey's box fetish.
  18. Interpol's already taken - purveyors of pin lever watches to the stars.
  19. I was a bit horrified looking back at how much I've bought so far this year, though none of them were very expensive. Best bargain must be the black dial Talis AS 2066 - £24 delivered, plus £10 for a new stem. Actually though, the brown dial Talis was just under £20, worked straight out if the jiffy bag, and has a Gruen 731. Just don't like the look of that one quite so much.
  20. Traces back to Splendor SA, a mail order company based in Zurich. UK representative in Manchester. Reported to the Advertising Standards Authority in 2015, though got away with the use of Astron, a sub-brand of Seiko. 80% bad reviews on Trustpilot. What's not to like. https://www.splendorsa.co.uk/
  21. It's smaller than most of his watches.
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