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  1. Creation sales always seem to have the watches at their usual prices!
  2. I once had to send back a seiko 5 which was stopping unexpectedly so it can happen, but you don't often hear about it so I think I was very unlucky!
  3. What search terms would I use for a Russian one? Slightly tempted but don't need it to be an omega!
  4. Gerlach make some cracking watches - shame the very best of their models are all LEs. Bit of a weird business strategy but seems to work...
  5. Not a bad idea Dave. I've modded plenty of 5s in my time but not had the balls to do something more pricey. I do reckon quite a lot of what you're paying for in a SARB is the very nicely finished dial, but it could still be an option...
  6. All the Orient Stars I've seen look more dressy than the SARB035, but I'd love to be proved wrong if anyone knows of anything more rugged looking currently in production - great watches. The Speedbird is a bit too far on the functional side for me I'm afraid. I've often been tempted by TF offerings, and spend some time on the forums but TBH I've heard mixed things about the QC and the customer service when watches have developed faults, which has stopped me pulling the trigger thus far. AW does this make you reconsider block hour hands? An unconventional design which took a while to grow on me in photos but now makes perfect sense:
  7. Thanks AW for the thoughtful reply. I've rather overdosed on seiko divers so hoping to branch out but worried a full on dress watch wouldn't see enough action!
  8. So I am looking for a watch to bridge the gap between the following two models: SARB035 - just the right size, lovely dial but maybe a bit dressy. Armida A6 - I like the looks more than the actual explorer 1, but at 40mm it's too big and the lugs would overhang my wrists. I know there's the alpinists and the zeno explorer (though I like the dial far less than the A6). But I'd like to know what else is out there. I'd like it to come in under £300 and realise that probably means boutique or Japanese both of which are fine. Hacking and hand winding auto movement ideally. Any ideas?
  9. My latest, got in a trade - small but lovely SUS GMT: Definitely a fan so far!
  10. Something bright for St Paul's Carnival in my neck of the woods:
  11. Finally arrived from Zenitar! Slightly worryingly though, the caseback ring fell off when I opened the box. Put it back on but doesn't fill me with confidence for WR...
  12. Hope they turn out OK - I'd feel better about buying an Indian Made watch from India than anywhere else TBH, though with HMTs it is worth researching what the original dials look like...
  13. This arrived yesterday - very versatile watch, change the strap and it runs from toolish to sporty to dress diver...
  14. Well look what you made me do: Looking forward to its arrival!
  15. Couple more of these on the way too. Tiny bit pricier and better finished than HMT but likewise make me remember that (for me) this should be a fun inexpensive hobby...
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