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  1. @Nigelp, please find below my Sternglass Naos. Please also find a picture of a frying pan. If you can't tell the difference, I'm not coming round to yours for a bacon sandwich.
  2. I can't answer yes to either question, but I am looking for a box. Do you have a recommendation?
  3. Would you mind adjusting your bezel? Honestly, standards...
  4. Sixties Citizen handwinder. This moment went on to become the Ace, but at this point it didn't have a name.
  5. I assume there is a purpose in it doing that but I can't think what it is. I'm ready to be enlightened.
  6. Nigel, I'd never realised how much like Peter Cushing you look. It's uncanny.
  7. I'm pleased with my Sternglas Naos. Unlike lots of micros, it looks like a watch.
  8. I think you'll like it @Nigelp. Happy Christmas.
  9. Yes, but how much would you expect to pay for a chrono with a genuine in house movement?
  10. The Uncle Seiko tropics are about £30 but are easily worth it. The edge of the strap is sort of toothed so they don't come loose and the inside is smooth and velvety in a way that I didn't know rubber could be. I can't speak highly enough of them. Try one.
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