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  1. I've always fancied one of those but they go for bonkers prices. Have you had that long? How does it wear?
  2. 100m is scarcely submersible anyway. In the washing up bowl maybe. Stupid watch.
  3. I can't get enough of this (funky stuff).
  4. Let me guess - Seiko NH35 movement?
  5. Thanks @Roger the Dodger, it was tight but I got it off. Then found I didn't have another 22mm strap and put it straight back on again.
  6. How did you get the original rubber off? I can't see any way other than cutting it - it's a tight old fit for a springbar tool.
  7. Mine's from JFD. Came in s rather smart little box, and very quickly.
  8. The quality of this one is spot on. It has a great finish and everything lines up. If you told me it was £350 instead of a ton I'd believe you. Those curved shrouded lugs are genius. Although it looks like it would be really unwieldy, it sits beautifully.
  9. This sorry of thing baffles me. I think they are watches for people who like Frank Sinatra not people who like watches. I quite liked the Oris John Coltrane, but if I remember rightly it had a few cheesy elements to it and was entirely the wrong size for historical accuracy. I'd rather know what watch he wore and get one of those. My 2p.
  10. This new lump today. It wears much better than its 46mm width would suggest, because of the short lugs I should think.
  11. Wouldn't be my choice, though I admit it is a classic.
  12. I like a lot of the undone watches. Is the bezel a little too wide and the dial a little too small? Maybe it's the effect of the plain steel rehaut and seeing it straight on.
  13. I meant that I don;t have any measuring device, such as digital calipers, to measure the different between 0.75mm amd 1.10mm. The measurement is from the top of the movement to the top of the hour hand pinion, so not even the top of the shaft. You're probably right about the middle one.
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