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  1. You rotate the crown to select Alarm, then use the pushers to set it. It's a genius movement.
  2. This is just so easy to wear.
  3. The original watch was a single pusher chrono if I remember correctly. I'd have liked to see them have a go at a reissue rather than a reinterpretation. Seiko chronos were world leaders for a while yet they hardly make any mechanical ones now. The ones they do make are pretty expensive. Shame.
  4. Westwood slippers. I've seen it all now.
  5. Swap to this on a strap generously donated by our own @Nigelp. Thanks Nigel!
  6. Have a great weekend. 6m26 dancing hands day today.
  7. @NigelpI've had an ebay alert on for a while. This one came from Slovenia. There is a silver dial in the same case that is pretty nice and comes up more often than this black sunburst. These GS/KS case shapes tend to go for a bit more - maybe £150-180. I was the only bidder on this. Just lucky.
  8. What a crazy movement. From the 1990s when quartz was the future and fifteen seconds a month was so much better than cosc that it probably didn't seem worth trying to improve the accuracy of quartz, this movement packs everything the 7t movements were doing with six hands into a three hander. Turn the crown to change modes and the hands swirl around to the appropriate point on the dial. When you're done, they smoothly pick up the time again. There is a perpetual calendar, chrono, timer and alarm. There's even a mode where the hands just dance for the hell of it. Absolutely bonkers. I can't believe this example is as clean as it is. I've been after one for a while and I got lucky with this. I like watches that contain abandoned technology and I love JDM discontinued models. This came in a few different versions including a Sus, but I think this is the one.
  9. I'd spill some curry on that if I were you.
  10. Phallic hands you say? Try this for size.
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