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  1. Wouldn't be my choice, though I admit it is a classic.
  2. I like a lot of the undone watches. Is the bezel a little too wide and the dial a little too small? Maybe it's the effect of the plain steel rehaut and seeing it straight on.
  3. I meant that I don;t have any measuring device, such as digital calipers, to measure the different between 0.75mm amd 1.10mm. The measurement is from the top of the movement to the top of the hour hand pinion, so not even the top of the shaft. You're probably right about the middle one.
  4. I'm not sure I've got anything that would measure to 0.4 of a mil.
  5. I'm replacing a ronda 509 movement in a mondaine 33mm unisex watch. The movement comes in three heights from Cousins, but most online places don't specify the height so I'm guessing one height is standard and the other two are specific to certain functions. The three heights are 0.75, 1.10 and 1.70. Which is most likely to be the correct fit? Is one of those heights standard for most movements?
  6. Does anyone know what watch Steve Fletcher from the repair shop wears? I can only catch glimpses of it but it looks a bit Bauhaus to me.
  7. UV kills it. Put them in the sun for an hour or two then spray them lightly with gin. Cheers.
  8. Meetings today so a dress watch for the first time on a while.
  9. Queuing outside the chemist this morning. At least it's sunny.
  10. This is new in this week. I'm very pleased with it. Really simple. Great size.
  11. These are tough times to be a Headteacher. I've got 30 teachers off today and we're open only to the children of key workers. I find myself choosing a watch carefully for the effect it's going to have on my mood. Im sure the Seiko Champion will get me through the day.
  12. This today from January 96. I'm coming more and more to appreciate the reassuring tick tick tick of a nice quartz.
  13. How many watches have you got do you think? If you'd like to send me a few for review I'd be happy to have a look at them. Just not today's selection.
  14. It's an improvement. Not a big improvement, but an improvement.
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