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  1. What he said. I do the same. Always bought second hand BM's and Mercs for 1-2k tops (between 8- 10 years old) and they have all driven like new and been of excellent quality interior wise. I'm looking at trading my current Merc 200 estate in for a nifty 2 door 180 coupe....
  2. I'll have sloppy thirds, then.....
  3. I rather like the look of that....and one of my watch fetishes is heavy steel only - no titanium please. I love my Tissot PRS516 and SAS Sea 01 for the same reason.
  4. John, Welcome to the forum....unless you've already worked it out tonight, the instructions are in the Watch forum classic thread (top of the list on the home page). In a nutshell, your photos must already be stored on a website like photobucket or flickr, then you simply get the BB code and cut and paste it in this here reply box......I don't use any of the tools above the box.....once you've done it for the first time, you'll realise its a lot easier than it sounds!!
  5. DSC_0152 by DSC_0151 by DSC_0143 by DSC_0040 by
  6. I'm off to Bolivia in 3 weeks to check out Lake Titicaca (stop sniggering in the back!) ....Was last there in March trekking in the hills..... DSC_0066 by AD73, on Flickr
  7. Great photos Roger.....More please....(especially the Americana....) how 'bout the guys and gals in retro too?
  8. Watched "Transcendence" last night. Avoid. :thumbsdown:
  9. When the "tourist" gives you the phone and is explaining how to take the picture, your senses are focused very narrowly on not dropping the phone and on the instructions you are being given. Pressure is then applied to the wrist by the thief's hand (probably while showing you how to hold the phone) and your wrist nerves then won't register further contact. Light finger-work seals the fate......
  10. Lucky, Pleeeease tell me where I can get me one of these beauties....what model Vostok is it? drool,drool,drool....
  11. Prefer the Longines but both are excellent examples of understated refinement! :thumbup:
  12. John is the Superlative brains behind the slick operation....John is the hired knucklehead muscle....
  13. http://youtu.be/RZkBbIGwOjw Thank you Kutusov......
  14. I LOVE this watch...its a Russian, niet? Details please..
  15. Did someone say Lanco? DSC_0001.jpg by AD73, on Flickr
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