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  2. Hi mate. If this is any help you could always try divx-to-dvd its the best way to get films you like to work on a dvd & its very easy to use. http://www.vso-software.fr/products/divxtodvd/divxtodvd.php Its not free but its worth the cost its always works for me, The only downside its takes a few hours to transfer the movie in-to a working dvd-vob files so it works on any dvd. I hope this has been a little help. From Toby
  3. Hi stan;) Hallo all members i hope you had a great xmas and new-year;) Stan i see you are doing great with this topic its been going for ages, How are you keeping mate? I was at your website i loved the new blue look its easyer on the eyes, I will see you soon mate keep well. To the members keep well and i hope you the very best;) Anyway stan if you need me you know i will always be there for you;) From Toby
  4. >Hi stan mate:) I am with you when it comes to microsoft, Dont feel bad about useing a non-legal copy of windows.xp mate as you have a legal-copy. Stan microsoft have been stealing stuff of other OS's for years so i dont see why thay should make people pay for what thay nicked?. I like you, stan have a legal-copy but with all the cr*p i have to put up with i use a non-legal copy know, I dont see any problem as long has you have a legal-copy why you dont use the non-legal version mate?. Its like if you backup a most-games its legal to do so has long as you have the legal-copy. I am not saying that its right for people to download windows.OS. From Toby
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