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  1. Just got in after a hell of a day. As it's been hissing it down here all day I've worn something suitable. :P
  2. Getting back to the origin of this great thread, the 710 kept looking at me in a funny way as I was tittering away to myself while reading it, for me it would be this one as it's currently my daily wearer. :D
  3. I got as far as photo #27 and had to go for a cold shower!!!!! :eek: :tongue2: :lol:
  4. Thats a lot cheaper than I thought, thanks for that. No probs. :D
  5. Personally, I use Renata batteries. I usually buy them off ebay in packs of 10 as they work out at less than 50p each. I have never, up to now that is, ever had one leak on me.
  6. Here's my "marian" sub u like. I'm very impressed with the quality, very solidly built even down to a solid link bracelet with screw in links. Fitted with a Ronda cal. 515 movement. All in all a cracking watch for 36 quid plus a fiver for p&p from Germany. :D
  7. Had a busy day pottering about the house today. Have had this on all day. :D
  8. Off out shortly to a charity dinner in aid of Greyhound Rescue. Will be wearing this. :D
  9. Been ther, done that........ :wine: :wallbash: :lol:
  10. I can relate to quite a few of hose observations. :blush2: Not telling which ones though. :tongue2: :lol:
  11. You need to send one of the mods a pm to request it.
  12. I prefer them to be a little loose, especially when on a bracelet.
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