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  1. Actually, Rolex made a quartz sweeper. Very desired now by the Rollie Heads. Wayne
  2. 1957 Omega will have a serial number in the 15,5,xx,xxx range. 1957 Ventura will be 14k with either white or black face. If you find one with the original band still attached, grab it. They had a 24k gold appliqué and was discontinued about 4 months after the watch was released making it rarer than the watch itself. Has a pesky 500 movement, known to be unreliable. Wayne
  3. Tom, please take as clear and focused images as possible. Also, whenever possible include movement photos also as this is a major part of the verification process. Many of today's smart phones can take rather sharp and vivid images with some patience. Wayne
  4. Not a watch to buy unless you are wanting to throw your cash away. Worthless. Wayne
  5. Old school on you gents. Girand-Perregaux Sea Scout Wayne
  6. Very nice, like that dial. Wayne
  7. He no can go. No Metro! Wayne
  8. Really like this watch, might have to walk this way soon. Wayne
  9. Very nice review of this watch. The true meaning of DS4000 is however, buy the Tudor version and save 4000 for as good a watch!
  10. Never seen one these in the States,,they must be banned here. Wayne
  11. Watch sold and relisted. I have asked for movement images that are CLEAR. If I receive them, which I doubt, I will post them here. Wayne
  12. Remember when Benetton was in F1, now there in the toilet. Wayne
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