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  1. I was expecting something different. Anyway... Later, William
  2. My guess is that, that is the mayor's son. The judge will decide to settle the matter at the dirt track on the weekend. Later, William
  3. In Ontario, we have a plethora of fuel regulations. You need a fairly large farm operation to justify meeting all of the fuel storage regulations. This has curtailed truckers running farm diesel to some extent. The vast majority of MoT inspections are performed on divided provincial highways, which are not open to farm machinery. Anyway, the things farmers get caught out on around here are bad tires, no SMV sign, lack of safety chains and improperly secured loads. Also, the occasional abandonment of common sense.
  4. If an image hosting site is free, it is either bad or will be in the not too distant future. Over the last two decades every "super awesome" free site has gone down in flames. I've relied on web hosting sites. If you can justify a moderate fee, you can dump your photos onto the server and organize your directories any way you wish. It isn't the cheapest solution, but it has worked well for me over the long term. Quality hosting services will provide a means for auto backups, have high percentage up-time and reasonable load times. Later, William
  5. I looked at the CWC (Silvermans?) site earlier today. The price tags on these new watches sting like what I suspect a Christmas tree might, heading the wrong way up ones fundament. I suppose there are no actual new/real military watches anymore. This situation certainly appears to have ended that affordable tool watch niche CWC used to occupy. Later, William
  6. The proper way to break a tractor in half requires a mostly stock mid 60s Farmall 1206. These were the first factory turbocharged tractors manufactured. Re: Road operation in the U.K. From what I've seen on YouTube, as long as you have a number plate and original safety equipment (on old machines that consists of rear brakes), you are good to go. Here in Ontario Canada, we have a magical thing called an SMV sign. I can drive a tractor on any combination of the road and shoulder I please, pulling almost all manner of things, as long as I have an orange triangle and do
  7. I've had the rotary cutter for a couple of years now, Roger. I picked up the tractor a year ago, and have been repairing it ever since. Later, William
  8. Well, aside from becoming more decrepit, I have been well. Later, William Thank you gentlemen. Things have been fine. I don't seem to get much done, it just feels like I'm busy. Later, William
  9. Roger's situation has slowed this thread a bit, so here I am cutting the front yard back sometime during July: Later, William
  10. This afternoon in a car-park adjacent to nowhere. As ebullient as always. Testing a new smartphone. Later, William
  11. Here is another pointless Dexta vid: At the 3:00 minute mark you can see it hop up while pulverizing a large pile of sh!t. Later, William
  12. Omega Seamaster Chronograph, cal.1040 22 jewel automatic. 1973. later, William
  13. William_Wilson


    Just for the hell of it, you could do a reformat of the card. Later, William
  14. Jesus, it's Sunday!!! Omega Seamaster Chronograph, cal.1040 22 jewel automatic. 1973. Later, William
  15. Omega, cal.620 "Superflat" 17 jewels. 1964. Later, William One of a small group of watches that was somehow elegant, yet futuristic. Later, William PHOTO-BLOAT!!!!!! Later, William
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