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  1. Here is another pointless Dexta vid: At the 3:00 minute mark you can see it hop up while pulverizing a large pile of sh!t. Later, William
  2. Omega Seamaster Chronograph, cal.1040 22 jewel automatic. 1973. later, William
  3. William_Wilson


    Just for the hell of it, you could do a reformat of the card. Later, William
  4. Jesus, it's Sunday!!! Omega Seamaster Chronograph, cal.1040 22 jewel automatic. 1973. Later, William
  5. Omega, cal.620 "Superflat" 17 jewels. 1964. Later, William One of a small group of watches that was somehow elegant, yet futuristic. Later, William PHOTO-BLOAT!!!!!! Later, William
  6. Omega Genéve Chronostop, cal.920 17 jewels. 1969. Later, William
  7. Omega Speedmaster Professional Mk.II, cal.861 17 jewels. 1972. Later, William
  8. Another Sunday, another old watch! Omega Seamaster 300, cal.552 24 jewels. 1966. Later, William
  9. Вocтok Амфибия, кал.2409 17 камней. Сделано в СССР. Девятнадцать восьмидесятых. Later, William
  10. Krypto currency: There two drawbacks to crypto currency. The first being the absence of government protection and regulation, and insurance of investment. The thin air banking institutions seem to get hacked too frequently. The second drawback is mining. Mining is no more, or less, legal than crypto currency itself and devalues it. There are literally millions of computers operating 24/7 in China, doing nothing but generating viable currency that undermines the actual cash investments that back the crypto. Short answer: Buy low, sell high and move like the wind. Later, William
  11. Citizen Challenge Timer, cal.8110a 23 jewels. June 1980. Later, William
  12. Very interesting. Over here in N.A., those remotes would likely be used for a grapple, such as a rock rake or root rake. They are super handy for gathering large stones, logs, brush and so forth. As for the steering, we had that on a couple of models of cars at the end of the 80s. The idea was when the wheels turned in the opposite direction it would be good for high speed turning, and the parallelogram mode would be good for high speed lane changes. It scared everybody that purchased them sh!tless at 60 M.P.H. The idea was abandoned a year later. Seems much more practical on a low speed piece of equipment. Any maintenance issues with the profusion of hydraulics on the Ryetec? Later, William
  13. I settled on Politeness Man! Wise words. Later, William
  14. It is rather wet in some areas at my farm as well. After posting that video, I tried to move a wagon load of hay and buried the tractor in about a minute. I had to lift the front end up with the loader and place planks crossways under the front wheels. It was a prolonged 900 point turn, stopping to lift the frontend and shift the planks until I was at a right angle from where I started. Needless to say, the trailer I really needed to move isn't going anywhere for a few days. I would like to get a flail mower to deal with all of the softwood trees that pop around my place, but that will have to wait... considering they cost more than I paid for the tractor. That Ryetec must need a lot of ballast with that sort of extension. Later, William
  15. Camera phone pics??? OK... Later, William
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