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  1. Picked this up and suspect its the solid state version of the R27 as opposed to just the transistorised version ?
  2. except for the two models, in 1952 before the Hamilton in 1957. https://www.elgin.watch/enwco/events/watch-of-tomorrow/ Yes Hamilton were first to market in 1957, no one disagrees. They were not first thou with a battery powered wristwatch.
  3. if you have a look from the date window to above the second hand, there are some deep scratches and the white chip between 2 and 3 is a chip out of the crystal. Yes I can live with it, but would prefer not too!
  4. that first photo was from crazywatches while I was waiting for it to arrive, the seller's pics were pretty shocking which is how I think I got to snag it, took the gamble that others were not wanting to risk.
  5. Sure, it arrived last night and here it is needs to be cleaned up but its running and I'm very happy to have one in the collection. let me know if you want any other shots ?
  6. does anyone know where I could find a replacement crystal for this LIP quartz model ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Its hard to get examples and finding them is the challenge, finding them on a budget is the next challenge. Try buying a LIP R27 these days with out selling your soul. LIP 148/184 isn't too bad. Elgin 725s can go for lots, Elgin 722s, well you don't see them. normally if I go near something that has contacts and a battery, I got smashed by the snipes. So the experienced guys here have a great collection and the newer guys are struggling to build a collection then finding people to work on them is the next challenge, if you can find the parts. and really, what recent discoveries have been made to talk about ? its all pretty much known and documented, between Paul's website and crazyatches there not much unexplored territory.
  8. you wouldn't happen to have the rest of the article handy Paul ? found a set from 1958 to buy but its gonna kill me in shipping to australia.
  9. hi, Does anyone have a date of when LIP's R27 was released to market ? I know its sometime in 1958 but hoping someone can tie it down to a month in 1958 ? Thanks in advance Michael.
  10. try JersyMo his in the USA as well. http://vintagewatchforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=10009
  11. Been a while since there was any mention of the Elgin 725, so thought I would share this gem with you and the battery pack This is the second battery pack I've seen and the third retail case for the watch. It's the first time I've seen a W-1 battery stamped retail (bottom battery) and it looks bigger.
  12. Paul, can you confirm the band width for me please ? Thanks Michael.
  13. Guys, I haven't forgotten about posting, just been very busy. I have a gold 725 now, compared to the stainless steels, it's tiny.
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