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  1. I have a mint original Tag F1 I'm giving to my son on his first day of high school.
  2. I recently fell for all the fan boy hype surrounding the SKX and bought one, wore it a lot on a lot of different straps but haven't really felt it. It''s the first time it's happened. Luckily it''s the cheapest watch I have so will probably keep it in case I ever change my mind.
  3. I work abroad two thirds of the year and use my work expenses for fun purchases like watches. If I'm on a job on my own I can live cheaply and bank my expenses. I've built quite a healthy slush fund that way, my wage goes to the family but my expenses get spent on me. I've just bought a Speed master by living out of lidl for a few months instead of eating out every night. I also tend to buy used watches as I know I can move them on if needed without taking a hit.
  4. Love it, I was toying with the idea of picking one up a couple of months ago but went in another direction.
  5. Very nice, I'm a sucker for a retro looking watch.
  6. Tissot PRS for me today, no snow here in Africa though
  7. Never had any trouble personally, but now I know what to do If I ever need any spare parts for my car, so thanks for the tip! lol
  8. I'm sure there's a subscription service that does it, you pay so much a year to be in the 'club' and you can borrow so many watches a year. It was pretty pricey though from what I can remember and there were tier levels that decided the watches you had access to and the amount of watches you could borrow or something. There are a few of these 'clubs' that do the same thing with super cars and aircraft.
  9. TBH they are quite possibly the most boring looking watches I've ever seen, they're like the watch equivalent of magnolia paint.
  10. Seen it in the flesh and tried it on, still one of my favourite watches and am planning on finally owning one this year.
  11. I'd never buy anything from the duty free shops in this country, you can pretty much guarantee you'll get a better deal coming home than going. The latest watch I bought was £100 cheaper at Jakarta than it was at Manchester, they are also far more likely to negotiate the price abroad.
  12. I feel the same on my cheap vintage watches, it adds character. If I was spending more than a couple of hundred quid it would put me off.
  13. Cheers for the info That sums it up for me, cheers for the info. Think I'll stick with what I know for now, haven't got the time money or inclination to start looking at it any other way than a cigarette replacement at the minute. I've been vaping on and of for a couple of years but exclusively and full time since about July last year. Deffo went through that taste bud reboot thing you were talking about, only thing I could taste was menthol when I started, onto more subtle flavours now although I do mix in some menthol occasionally for more of a throat hit.
  14. Think I might treat myself to a 706 as it's the new version of my vintage one.
  15. I just buy 88vape. fluid 95p from B&M and a bottle lasts me three days, compared to the £7 a day I used to spend on cigs I'm more than happy with the price of my habit. Granted the flavour isn't that intense but it's the best I've tried so far. I wouldn't mind trying some thing with a stronger flavour but I wouldn't even know where to begin with fluids.
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