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  1. Thanks for the advice so far everyone, really appreciated. I'll take a look at the link AW and see what else I can find from there and check out other place for parts as you suggest BBB. My wife found it in one of the Paris flea markets during a recent weekend away, I really like wearing it, a complete change from my normal TAG Aquaracer...
  2. Hello I’m looking for any information anyone can give regarding the below pocket watch I was given as a present; it’s a LIP Type Militaire, is in working order and seems to keep good time. I can’t find a serial number on the movement and have no information on its age or history. In addition I was wondering if it’s possible (or worth) restoring the face, as it seems to have been repainted at some point underneath the #1 and re-adding the #13 in a rather ‘sloppy’ manner. Many thanks in advance Lawrence
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