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  1. Thanks, unformatunately its too big for me. :( Doesnt feel as conformatable on my wrist. Still, an excellent nice piece. :yes:
  2. There is a little struggle, but gets easier after few times. But I dont do it as much, just when I want to be a little bit alternative :big_boss:
  3. Luckily the image doesnt load for me so I didnt feel offended :D
  4. First looking at those photos without reading the post, I thought they were drawings... would have never thought a photo can look like that, amazing effect!
  5. Whats so 16k'ish about this watch? :eek:
  6. Wearing on the left hand 90% of the time, using right when I feel like it, which isnt alot, I'm a rightie by the way :tongue2:
  7. The 44 is what I would be looking for, excellent, good looking watch :yes:
  8. Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven :yes:
  9. If it is losing time, and wasnt in the past, you may consider opening it and cleaning it up. If you dont know how to, just give it to someone to take care of it.
  10. Bracelet looks nice, but myself - I prefer bracelets with less mesh - I guess thats just personal preference...
  11. Welcome, hope you'll have a good time here :big_boss:
  12. If it has any problems inside there may appear new ones as the time goes by, If i were you I would really consider sending it back, just for the sake of having a 100% working piece, but hey, the decision is up to you :)
  13. Go to the Seiko-Box thread made a while ago, there's a nice collection of these. Perhaps you might like some of them :yes:
  14. Thats an original watch I have to give you that :yes: Tho the orange isnt exactly my type... but hey, hope it wears well and you'll keep enjoying it mate!
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