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  1. Ah thank you, would be lovely to know just a rough idea what the N stands for :) Yeah thank you, I have that document myself (comes handy when I come around ww2 era watches)
  2. Hello! I'm new to the forum, and have to admit I'm not too big on watches, but I collect world war 2 militaria and I came across this Leonidas G.S.T.P which i want to find out more about. I already found a topic here about the same type of watch, and read up on the markings so Im familiar with GSTP now, I'm just wondering if there is any way to find out more about the watch's history. Dial: Military markings on the back: Army marking: British broad arrow with G.S.T.P Army serial number: N 5518 Markings inside the watch: Serial Number: 373738 no markings on the movement somebody carved: W. J. 15. 4. 50 into the side of the lid as well (I guess the owner) /the opened pics were taken by the guy i bought it from, i dont have the tools or confidence to open it/ I checked it for 3 days now and it keeps time very well, I only gain a few extra seconds every day. Is there any way to track the history of the watch (which unit, or at least branch received it)? Also if anyone can give any info on these pocket watches and how they ended up in British service I would be grateful :)
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