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  1. Brilliant review Honour Enjoyed the read, Thanks
  2. I have owned an Ocean One Ceramic for some time now and to be perfectly honest I think it is better quality than the SMP it replaced!
  3. Had them recommended to me for refurb of my SMP by a well known forum member. In the end I sold the SMP but would have happily sent it off as I received a very professional reply. Sure others will be along to recommend shortly
  4. Hi rhino 

    is the iPhone available or is it now sold please ?



  5. I did not want to give it back if I am honest! Very nice vintage piece and has sentimental value as he was basically my dad also
  6. My nan found my Grandads old watch, It used to sit in the van in this state (He was a builder) and I remember shaking it and setting the time as a kid. It belonged to his brother, And had been in a wooden chest for 20 years! I decided to surprise my uncle and have a go at fixing it up! It still worked but I completely refurbed it as best I could. Had never done anything to a watch before bar a battery/Strap change. Stripped down everything bar the actual movement, New glass ect. Took an age to polish those dings out! (I am an engineer by trade so have the mentality
  7. There is making money and then there is taking the mick! If car dealers offered you 2K for a car that sells 10K privately they would not get many trade in's!
  8. They offered me £400 for a watch they sold for about £1800 on average IIRC! Admittedly it was a TAG but it put me off them to be honest!
  9. Well the box looks nice....... Seeing the girl pretending to be a watchmaker made me chuckle though
  10. Haha! I have loads of this crap in my spam folder as I have a business on ebay, Not sure how they grab the details but I do not see any of them as gmail is great at filtering spam
  11. The 4K FireTv is far superior to the Firesticks, I have both and could not live without them!
  12. Agreed, My local one was a place I have visited twice for a browse. Dear lord the staff must never wash, A girl I walked past smelt like 2 week old gym gear that's been stuck in a locker
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