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  1. The good lady already has the slippers and says they are excellent. t had a look at the watch box and it does say made in China . Never bought anything else from those catalogues but the memsahib did seem keen on the slippers as they were wide fitting, Graham
  2. I won`t get much of a refund from my £00.00 outlay.! I am wearing the watch right now . Looks OK and seems to be keeping reasonable time . As I said before I keep these cheap ( free ?) watches for going away such as on holiday or when I had to go into hospital. If it gets lost or stolen I won`t lose any sleep over it. Graham
  3. I have absolutely no idea how to send a photograph\ I don`t have a camera and would not know how to send a picture from my old fashioned Nokia telephone . The most up to date I have regarding photography is putting your head under a black cloth while holding a stick with flash powder ! Graham
  4. I have to report that my Daniel Hechter watch has arrived . It is marked on the back " Daniel Hechter for Atlas for Men " so i assume it is a cheapy Chinese thing made for that firm . As was suggested the three little dials are for show only and do nothing. The watch looks OK and seems to work and keep reasonable time . I would say that it is definitely worth every single penny of the £ 00.00 it cost me ! Must say though, the slippers were excellent . They were bought for the wife and she is very pleased with them , Graham
  5. Thank you all for the replies. I am not really bothered about the watch as it is really free but I was just curious about it. I shall obviously keep it for as long as it keeps going. I always find these cheap watches handy for going on holiday where it doesn`t matter if they get lost/ stolen or damaged. With these cheap Chinese watches I have found that they either give up the ghost almost immediately or last for years until the battery gives up . Again thanks for taking the time to reply. Graham
  6. I have just ordered a pair of slippers for the grand sum of £5,95 ( reduced from £ 25,05 ). There is also a postage charge making the whole price under a tenner. When I ordered them by telephone I was informed that I would get a free watch ---- a Daniel Hechter Paris . Never heard of this make so assume they are a cheapo Chinese make , but looking on the internet Daniel Hechter watches seem to average around the hundred pound region. Anyone know what I am getting and how the company ( Atlas for Men ) manage this . Even for the tenner it seems good value especially as we g
  7. Anybody got any views on this Seiko Premier white dial watch. ? Usually about three and a half hundred pounds but being offered at £210. Worth buying ? I like plain uncluttered watches --- I don`t need to know phases of the moon or the time in Outer Mongolia etc. Graham
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